That Time I…..

Saw the moon way too close!

I was in Wal-Mart in Iowa about 4 yrs ago wit my ex and when we came out….


Immediately frightened!!

The MOON was Waaayyyyy too huge for me to feel protected.

I thought the world was over.

I am sure I even checked fb and google to be sure….

Why was the MOON so damn big!!???

I’ve never seen it soooooo close to where it felt like I could touch it.



I closed my eyes and then opened them slowly, trying to appreciate the beauty. 

In NYC, you don’t get to see any moons up close like that, maybe due to the sky scrapers?


But I definitely didn’t think you could in Iowa neither!

Maybe I should have paid attention in science class all those years!


Anyway, I wanted to take a picture but I was STILL weirded out.

My ex was amazed.

Men handle things different!

I couldn’t even look through the mirror of the car on the way home!


What made me think of this post?

Well I was laying in bed asking my bf if he believes in Aliens and he mentioned the moon which I guess lead me to here!

A blog post of memorabilia!

After that moon scare, I wanted to see it again!!

Is that weird???

But I never seen it up close again.

I try to catch those full moons or the special moons but I always miss it cuz of work!

Perhaps I should just go to Iowa to see it again out of luck? Maybe?

These days I just read about the moon on fb and see pics.

Every time I look at the sky and see the moon full circle, I wish I seen it when it first arrived…. Maybe one day I’ll be able to see the moon by the water? A romantic night? Perhaps…

Have You Seen the Moon up close? Do you have pics? Talk to me! 


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