Self-centered people Urk my Nerves!

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I hate people that talk about themselves all the time and leave no room for you to speak

How bout the people that think it is ALLLLL about them!? You know the people that you can’t give advice to, the people that want you to hear all their problems and none of yours?

I know my readers are like yaassss


The self-centered people who will blow you up when they want to talk to you

But when you want to talk to them, all of a sudden, they are busy?

The kinds of people that take a simple comment you state and change it to benefit their favor….

Let’s see if I can add some more along the way….

I have lost some friends who were very selfish and idk why I was their friends.

You live and you learn.

I have some current people close to me that act just like I mentioned and sometimes it is a little annoying especially when it is two people in one day.

Sure, I’ll listen to your melodrama and give random feedback, but I know you gonna do what you want anyway.

I can’t talk about the life I want and not set to achieve it.

I am currently working through that myself!! So I know what I am sayin.

But I know people who say things like they want a family and a bf or a husband but yet they do the opposite of what could get them that goal.

I know people who want to buy a house and splurge their money like they don’t.

I mean come on! I know I am not the only one!

Okay back to the topic….

People who make situations about themselves or phone calls are a bore….

And if you have my personality (Gemini) you start to dodge people and sometimes without them knowing why.

You not gonna pick up that frequent phone call, but shoot ’em a text within the half hour.

You may not call them at all but just text them.

Why? Because it is BORINGGGG to hear them talk about themselves for an hour, if given that long.


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3 thoughts on “Self-centered people Urk my Nerves!

  1. I do agree some people don’t let you get a word in edge ways. I do think though those who may not have had success in a relationship who want a family may not be entirely to blame for that shortfall …


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