3 Chapters-Kindle Vella Story: Yup I Did It…And?

© Eliza Rose

© Shade But No Shade 2022

Hello All!

Many aren’t aware of what Vella is…so real quick it’s like quick serial stories. Similar to what you find on Wattpad and such. I am on the author side and still trying to figure out how it works, but so far the story uploading is easy and fun!

I have a completed story on there which after it sits for a month or two, I will be able to release it in Paperback! How fun!

Here are the SAME FREE Chapters they allow when you search or sign up for Vella. The rest you are entitled to pay to read or use tokens. Depending on my mood, I may drop Eps 4 next week 😉

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“Ms. Alicia, You’re under arrest. We’ve gotten a call that there was a loud disruption at this address. You have the right to remain silent. You have the right to a lawyer….”

The police officer is reading me my miranda rights and I tune him out, my eyes burning with fire as I watch my ex and his playtoy being carried away in the ambulance.

The police are putting yellow tape around the house. Detectives have arrived on scene to investigate. I roll my eyes. A policeman speaks to the neighbors from next door who have come over to snitch.


I watched her fuck him for 5 minutes too long before deciding their fate. She was moaning, jerking, cumming, and enjoying it way too much. I’m not surprised as Max is very well hung. How long has this been going on? Did she wait until he got with me to do this shit? Fuck all that! There is no room for questions. I don’t need to hear the lies.

I had jabbed her with my razor right in the neck and took my gun in my dresser drawer and shot aimlessly at the bed, I heard Maxwell shout, “Babe….I’m s-s-sorry….” before he fell silent.

I laughed. I been meaning to catch them in the act, for YEARS! All the bullshit of “we’re just friends, babe.”

Yeah, okay.

My suspicions told me he was fuckin around on me. I just had to be cautious to catch him in the act. I work real hard to maintain this house. Max’s job holds well too as a financial aide consultant. Him and Kamille been friends for 8 years. I’m all for having friends, but if you going to double cross me…well…lesson learned.

She gave me instant vibes to keep a close eye on her the day I showed up to the office and she was leaving coffee and donuts on his desk. When he walked in, she was smiling too hard for my taste. I brushed it off, thinking it was just me and my twisted mind.

Boy, was I stupid!

The demand for me to stay at work increased once I got my certification in nursing. Along the way, our schedules became hectic and we’ve argued about quality time. I couldn’t take a day off thanks to training and he felt he was losing me. My instincts are usually never wrong. With our busy schedules, I understood the transition.

Tonight, I felt as if my life would change. Work felt heavy…my patients were down, I lost two from illnesses, we were short staffed. I offered to stay for pay. Max not answering my calls, rubbed me the wrong way. He usually answers on the first ring even if he is annoyed. Anyways, I hadn’t planned on murdering anyone but I watched myself leave myself and take on this personality of hurt, love, pain, rage, revenge, blood.

I wanted blood.

He broke my heart and I was going to break something. Seeing them get sent away, makes me feel warm inside. His sister and mother arrive at my house while I’m locked up in this squad car. Mrs. Sheila is yelling, almost animalistic. His sister Andrea is crying. She’s on her knees. I think she yelled, “I knew that Bitch was trouble…” The officers are fighting them, they are working hard to get inside the house to witness it all. When they brought his body out the house, his mother damn near fainted. I giggle. The policeman in front shushes me. “Sorry. Not sorry.” How did I get here?

Sit back and enjoy the ride…




When we first met, he had to impress me. I was minding my business on my lunch break. I was in line at Shake Shack. I made my order and they said I can step aside. “But I haven’t paid yet.”

“We know ma’am. The nice gentleman before you, has taken care of it,” the cashier said.

“But how did he know….”

He said he’s been watching you come here pretty often….” said the cashier.

Oh well, Thanks…I read his name tag…Maurice.”

I find Maxwell standing near the pick-up. I walk over, after my name is called and say, “Thank you. That was sweet.” As I grab my order and begin to walk away, he grips my arm. I look at him with remorse.

He laughs and releases my arm. “Sorry, I just wanted to ask if I can take you on a date.”

“You kind of just did- thanks for my bacon cheeseburger and cheese fries, also the strawberry milkshake. Yum.”

“Ha. No. I mean a real date. I could sit with you now, but those scrubs tell me that you’re busy. I’m Maxwell by the way.”

I smirk. “Yeah buddy, I gotta go. I write my number down on the receipt. If you’re serious, call me. You are…kinda cute.”

He takes the receipt, smiles and says, “Alicia. I like it.”

I walk away. I hadn’t thought he would actually call me.

That day, he called me right after I got home at midnight. I lived in a single back then. I took a shower, snuggled into my bed and read his text.

This is your new friend Maxwell. I hope all is well. It was a pleasure to finally meet you. Your eyes are intoxicating. I was mesmerized by your deepened brown eyes.

I started to write, but I closed the phone. I grabbed my vibrator and masterbated to his face in my mind. It took me two days to respond back to him.

I wanted to make him sweat. I ate lunch at a different location too. When I wrote him back, I didn’t want to sound eager, desperate or thirsty. I haven’t dated in two years, so I was fresh in the pool. We agreed to go out that Friday night, I chose Outback Steakhouse.

Our chemistry was better than I thought it be. He was genuine, fun, and we had a lot in common. Our favorite movie turned out to be Menace to Society. He listened to smooth jazz, r&b and some hip hop. I’m all for a good serenade. That night, he paid for the drinks and the food. Then we went on a stroll to get to know each other better. He sang a song to me. I remember, it was, “Endless Love,” Luther Vandross. That night he said it felt so special, he would want me to be his forever love.

Probably some ploy to get me in his bed and it eventually worked because it lead to a relationship.


Yeah, yeah so when did this trick come in? Fast foward we decided to become official 1 month after dating.

He asked me out when he picked me up from work in his Mercedes benz 2008. He was hosting a BBQ, celebrating his friend’s new career as a truck driving CEO.

He invited me and I hesitated on going. He begged me to go so he cam flaunt me to his friends, as he said they couldn’t believe he bagged a chick like me.

When I got there, I was lucky enough not to be the only woman. While I love the attention, I didn’t need all eyes on me. I did text my homegirl Trixie the address.

She told me, “Let me know if anyone act up, cuz they can get smacked up,” and I laughed because she was about to sing the song.

I tried to take mental notes of all his friends that day, so if we ever hung out with his main posse again, he can’t fool me. I was shaking hands, grossly disturbed, walking along the greeting path and there she was….Kamille.




She was laughing and flirting with some guy. Max put his arm around me and tapped her on the shoulder.

He said, “Kamille, meet my new woman, Alicia.” This bitch rolled her eyes. “Hi. I’m Kam. But to you, I’m Kamille. Don’t hurt my homeboy’s feelings and I won’t bite.”

I said, “Bitch! I’m not afraid of you. I may be fit in all the right places, but you not going to try to have me shook.”

Max gets in the middle of us. “Aye, Kam that was uncalled for. Please. Just enjoy the event. Go give a toast for Marvin. Oh, and apologize…”

He stood firmly, waiting. I had my arms folded.

Kamille said, “Aight. Aight. I’m sorry. There! Can I go now?”

I squint my eyes. “You good. Just keep your paws, OFF what’s now mine.” I kiss Max on the cheek.

She sucked her teeth and walked away.

It took everything in me not to snatch her cheap wig.

I learned to loosen up around his friends. They would invite me when they went out bowling and had their dates. I even went to a basketball game once, the Lakers and the Clippers were playing.

Max and I didn’t get our first apartment together until we were a year in. I wanted to make sure he wanted me for me.

Somehow Kamille was always around, but on the sideline. Maxwell wanted to respect both of us, seeing as though we got off on the wrong foot.

Maxwell would be reading a book at night and she’d call randomly to ask him about car parts. I’d give him the “you better hang up” stare and he’d answer her question then tell her he has to go.

The feeling of being played shaped too quickly. So I asked him bluntly, “You think this is cute? Talkin to other bitches while you LIVE with me? Spending your time with me, knowing our schedules aren’t always in sync.”

Maxwell said, “Baby. It’s been well over a year. I told you there’s nothing there. I’ve known her all this time. Why would things change just because you came around. Will you….just have lunch with her?”

“Max. Men tell lies all the time. Shit, women do too. But, yes to clear the air, I’ll meet with her.”

He kisses me. “Thanks babe. I’ll set it up. Please, don’t hurt her….”

I wink. “Baby. Why would I do that? After a year, had I given you any reason to think I’d harm you or anyone for that matter?”

He touches my leg, “Yes, hun. That razor you keep under your tongue….the gun in your purse… the heels that has a pocket knife in the leg…”

I laugh, way too hard. “That’s all protection baby. I’m a woman that works overnight most times. Never know when I’ll need to use it.”

He said, “You’re kind of hot for a badass. I’ll fuck you if you were my hit woman.”

I stand up and put a foot on the table. “Oh yeah? Come eat your dessert baby. Been saving this sweet nectar for you.”

He gets excited, “Only me… right?”

I whack him on the head. “Don’t play with me. Now feast on me so you can fuck the shit out of me.”

Max’s head jumps to my pussy and after one lick, he moans. He grips my ass and inhales my scent, licking as slurping sounds echo.

I moan, “Babyyy!” He stops and lifts me in the air, his face still in my crotch. I hold onto what’s left of his head.

He guides us to the couch and I ride his face before sliding his dick inside. I’m fucking him, and right before I get this urge to come, he grabs my legs to lift me, only to put me on the couch and have my legs freestanding in the air.

Max is on top now. He whispers, “This dick…belongs to you…”

I believed it at the time. My pussy fell for it. I climaxed so hard; I was ready for a baby.



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