About Me

“Be courageous and try to write in a way that scares you a little” – Holley Gerth”

Reach me: @LilMzK22 (Twitter), Email: Please see contact page! πŸ™‚

I’m a 90’s babyyyy all the way! In my 20’s but I get mistaken for a teenager.

I Have an English Creative Writing Degree! *Claps*

I have a strong passion for reading and writing books.

I Love to write, if that isn’t obvious, then I don’t know what is.

Sometimes I form ideas on pen and paper.

Currently working on 3 novels that are all Fiction based.

Favorite authors: Zane &Β Cairo.

A huge fan of cheese! I mean who isn’t?

#1 Favorite Show: The Real (inspired my title)

Favorite Female Artist: Tamar Braxton (She created the saying =Β aka blog title)

(Gotta give credit where it’s due)



62 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello again Ms. Shade, TM here, I wanted to reach out to you and let you know, (as you can already see) I’m a big fan of your blog and wish you nothing but success. From one fellow writer to the next, as you continue to progress your writing will only get better with time. Just be critical of your spell check and proof reading resources and you’ll go far. I’ve been writing for over twenty years and sometimes even I still learn something new. You and I share the same passion for writing, you just had the balls to publish your work; I still secretly do most of my work behind closed doors. So GOOD LUCK to you! It’s a great big world out there called Social Media and with the right plan and a great team behind you, you can take it by strom. Hell with any luck you might just change the game! #TEAMSHADE

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      • I’m curious about something. New here to your blog. I read TY’s comment on this page and it reads like he put some thought and effort into his comment. I’m curious to know why you didn’t reply to him but replied to Christy? Isn’t that throwing “shade” his way?

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        • Lol Hello to you too. If you must know, it’s not SHADE because I know TY thank you very much. I see TY as often as three times a week and he told me not to respond because he was having log in problems sooooo nope! He always puts effort into what he does and I appreciate his support….But very good question! Thank you for asking.

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        • Who you getting feisty with, Karen? And hello to you twice. English Creative Writing degree both intrigues me and annoys me. Far as the former goes, I’m going to study your writing style to see if there’s anything you apply I can adopt for my style. Far as the latter, I’m scared to leave further comments because you probably be one of those “grammar people.” Don’t you just hate when they try to insult you? 😦

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  3. Hi Karen, sorry that it took me a while to check out your blog. First of all thank you for following me. I have to say I love your background. It made me smile and almost smell the petals. I am looking forward to read more you from now on! 😊

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