I Creatively Think Too Much!

Since I was on the college subject, let me show you one fabulous thing I did in one of my classes! Look out belowwww!

Below is what a written version of the words in the picture…..

Picture on the Left: 

Out of Body Back in 5

1. That’s the funny thing about the English Language-one word can have any number of meanings. 

2. Good writing tells you something you didn’t already know you knew. 

3. No good can come from telling people your problems. 

4. Never trust a thought that doesn’t come while walking. 

5. Nightmares have seasons like hurricanes. 

6. Some days she could fit all the apologies into her purse, but most days she had to stuff the overflow into her pockets and under her wig.

7. Have you ever noticed that what passes as a terrific man would only be an adequate woman?

8. Horizontal hostility-contempt for women is another fear and mistrust of other women, because other women we see are ourselves. 


Picture on the Right

President of the Well Meaning Club

1. There is a danger run by all powerless people: that we forget we are lying, or that lying becomes a weapon we carry over into the relationships with people who do not have power over us. 

2. Women are people-oriented, they learn to be empathetic at an early age. 

3. Women are the glue that holds our day to day world together. 

4. It is not easy to think like a woman in a man’s world. 

5. What about the woman whose empty hand won’t close because she cannot grasp that her child is gone?

6. They had quarreled all morning and squalled all summer about the incidentals. 

7. You think you know what’s going on, what to expect. You relax a minute and that’s when it happens. Life turns around and kicks you in the butt. 

8. The sinful fumble of flesh, the fear, the listening for a return that never came, the shamed waiting. 

One of the best things about the school I went to was that it opened my mind up to creativity I didn’t even know I had until I took the classes that were mandatory to graduate. Most of the English classes were fun! 

Dare I say it!

I was fortunate enough to take a class where my academic adviser was also my professor!

She was hard on us at times, but that’s because her teaching structure meant business! She wasn’t our adviser in the classroom. She was our professor that helped us achieve what it means to be a Creative Writer.

She CREATED the class I took too and it was called Write Like a Woman: English 404 

In her class we read a lot of short stories from women writers ONLY. We literally had over 1,000 pages of short stories, I had a binder full of it. Lol

A couple of them I read in other English classes so of course I didn’t reread them lol

The beauty of the major is that most things overlap 😀 😛

But when it came to this one project, I couldn’t help but express m creativity in a way that I will forever admire.

This project was called “Carry It Forward.” It was named as such because the bag is meant for you to use for your daily uses and obviously let the world see! I don’t use mine because I don’t want to mess it up. It will be framed eventually, however.

The goal was throughout the semester we had to select our favorite quotes or images from any of the short stories we read and write it on these recyclable canvas bags she gave us.

Of course they were blank when they were given to us!

It could be any shape and any way that you want.

Oh did I mention that it was a class full of women! Estrogen everywhere! Valued opinions about each story all the time! Lol

Sooooo back to the project, I have seen many great bags come out of this assignment. My class had some creativity! My professor also showed us some from the previous class. It was so good.

I was glad to be in a class that felt exclusive at that point. I mean what other class lets us do this? 😀

I chose to use quotes that stood out to me and organized them by relevance to one another. What a dork right? I also picked 18 and made Two of them the headers for the rest and as you can see it evens out with 8 on each side. The one on the left has more writing related quotes and the right has more women related quotes but I always felt like I was out of body, back in 5 (school was draining lol) and I felt like the president of the well meaning club because I am a nice person in general (too cheesy?)

The designs around it was just me thinking of all things women like to wear and have (flowers, bows, hats, dresses, shoes, bathing suits, books, jewelry)…..

YES I drew that all by myself and colored it too lol

Besides this class I have taken a Gay & Les literature class, Multicultural class, and more and it is apart of why I appreciate some of the things I do even more now! I see everything differently.

What are your favorite quotes? It’s okay you CAN steal them! I took them because they all are powerful! 

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  1. What are your favorite quotes? It’s okay you CAN steal them! I took them because they all are powerful! es? It’s okay you CAN steal them! I took them because they all are powerful!


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