That Time I met the #1 Comedian In the World: Kevin Hart!! 

I watch all of his movies, see all of his comedy skits, follow him on Snapchat & Facebook….

Watch him Live all the time! 

Kevin Hart is a comedic in his own right and he does it effortlessly!

Okay I am not about to OD, but man I adore him!

Kevin Hart ❤ ❤ ❤ 

Chocolate Droppa! 




Just love him! 

Okay so the event was at Barnes and Noble on 14th St Union Square.

I purchased his book with the wristband around 1:00 p.m. because I didn’t want it to sell out! I just HAD to be there!

I went home for a bit and took a nap, then headed on my way by 6. I arrived by 6:30. 

It was supposed to start at 7:00 p.m., but he was fashionably late and arrived at 7:30.

Not a big deal!

He is so short that you couldn’t see his arrival unless you were close enough…

Fast forward the line waiting….

My time to shine! 

A camera crew came around and a few people opted out. I was going to opt out too but apart of me said to do it! 

So I Did! I might be on TV or in a skit or in a promo! 

The nice gentlemen asked me what I love about Kevin Hart, What made me purchase his book, about him being a writer, what am I looking forward to today about the event….

I told them I love him because he is funny, smart, this book looks exciting, humorous and I watch his skits, movies, everything. I am a HUGE fan!!! Especially Real Husbands of Hollywood. I mentioned how I used to work for Barnes and Noble so I understand the In’s and Outs of Barnes and Noble and now get to experience Kevin Hart in Barnes and Noble with his amazing new book. 

Hopefully I get to see myself somewhere! 

I thought I was going to be the crazy fan of the night, but this girl had me beat! She shouted “She does not have nipples!!!!” or something like that and Kevin was just like uhh okay yeah she doesn’t have nipples….but her voice was raspy by the end of it so it was horrible. Everyone laughed!

*Upon time to meet him…..*

I was nervous to approach him because I wasn’t sure if I should move yet, how the picture would turn out and all…

He peeped my hesitation and told me “Come on! Don’t be nervous!” 

All I could do was laugh…. 

and then I felt my feet move closer….

My mind was racing…I don’t know how I spoke so proper but,

He asked my name as he did everyone else

I said “Karen” as I am blushing and cheesing. 

It all went so fast!!!!

I think he said a relative has my name! I really am not sure because I was gloating in my mind about being in his presence! 

He looked good, probably smelled good and his smile was charming and addictive!

I was fanned out! 


I knew I didn’t have much time so I said what I could as quick as possible…..

I Told him I Love him.

He said “Come on now don’t make me cry in front of all these people showing all this love. I’m just playing. I love you too” with his cute laugh and smile! 🙂

It all flew Soooooo fast I wasn’t sure my photo was taken as we laughed! 

I met so many celebrities, but he made me nervous! I guess because I was really looking forward to seeing him and meeting him. I haven’t felt this way since Mario!!!

I was freaking out that I didn’t get a good photo, I wasted time talking to him that it might have come out weird. I know I wanted to have my own book in the photo too, but that was a lost cause due to telling him I love him! 

But his photographer is amazing!! I don’t even remember facing the camera long enough to get a perfect pic! Check it out below!

Still excited just typing about it. I needed every memory before I forgot it.

*Almost forgot to add his pre-signed autograph in the book*


So perfectly scripted 😉

Oh Yeah, I had done one more promo! 

On the escalator down, a lady asked if she can get some information for her blog. The lady in front of me passed, but me?? Of course I did it!!

Any chance to discuss Kevin Hart, I am there.

She asked me why I showed up to the event, what I like about Kevin and to describe him in one word.

My answers were simply because he is funny, smart, inspirational, loving and I have his book because I am a major fan. I love him all his skits and movies and I know I will love the book. To describe Kevin Hart I said he is phenomenal!

What do you think? 😉 

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4 thoughts on “That Time I met the #1 Comedian In the World: Kevin Hart!! 

  1. I wish I could’ve went to that event. It’s funny I came across this posts because I was on Instagram and I followed Barnes & Noble on there. I watched their Instagram story and found out Kevin Hart published a book. I’m glad you had an exciting experience meeting him. Y’all took a nice picture 😁.

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