What is this Author-ish you Speak of?

I promised a blog post since I uploaded the links to my books. Darn kids. I also been writing. But mainly blame the kids. My 4 yr old and 1 year old keep me busy. Matter fact as I write this, I’m shouting at one of them!! Okay Okay…I’M AN AUTHOR!!!!

One of my BIGGEST dreams have come true!!!!! This has been a part of me since I was 13 years old. I loved reading so much as a kid, and yes, I still do. I had two career goals, write books and to teach. Along my journey, I was hesitant to teach because I wasn’t sure which grade would best fit me. But then when I reached college, I received my English creative writing degree and thought about if I can qualify to teach an undergrad level 1 course. That’s what I’m aiming for now.

For now, back to writing!

My master’s program encouraged me to finally get that 1st book out! It was 2 years in the making going through thanks to:

● Peer Reviews
● Self Doubt
● Research 
● Revision
● Beta Readers 

When I wrote Crisis of Lust, in my mind it was just a love story gone wrong trying to work their way back together and away from insecurities and holding on to past issues. Sounds simple right? 

A romantic story that was supposed to have arguments. Then bliss. Well let me tell you something!! While taking editing courses and such during my degree program, I was watching all sorts of psychological thrillers and read a few.

I even watched YOU (Netflix) and then new ideas flared. 

I said Hmmm. What if I create a character that shifts this love story? He’s possessive, very creepy, dangerous and weird. He’s also sarcastic. He’s PERFECT! 

Clare’s new love interest became who he was because his charm and sexiness pulled her in. 

Here’s a little Tyler dialogue….

“I walked to her bedroom, searching for I don’t know what and peeked in the bathroom and snatched her panties off the floor, they smell so good I need keep them. I pocket them then disappear before she sees me. I figure with her being high, she will see it as hallucinating rather than me actually being here. The aroma of Sweet Pea has been pushing me to enter the bathroom and feel her up, but that would turn out for the worst.”

Yup that was it.

As I went from 2 POV’s to 3 I knew it would shake the readers.

Crisis of Lust became Romantic Suspense. 

I had written the story out the way I seen it. Then I researched a few ways to create intense suspense in a novel and worked it into my book with my own style. 

I still felt as if my readers would say “THIS SUCKED!” 


Check out some of the Reviews! (Crisis of Lust has 10 total on Amazon. I wasn’t going to post them, although I did consider it)

I am grateful to see all my hard work slowly paying off.

Thank you for reading!

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Tuesday Shoes-Day (Friday School Day 11)

Pierre woke up feeling refreshed. He didn’t know why but he felt like something good was coming. Just as he stretched, his mom knocked on the door. She said, “Hey sweetie. I forgot to give these to you with the other presents you received at the big school party.” She smiled.

Pierre wanted to jump up excitedly, but Larry was sleeping peacefully.

He did throw the covers off though and gave her a hug. He said, “Thank you mom!” It appears that he was too loud as he woke Larry up. Pierre instantly hid the shoes. He waved to Larry and said, “Uhh hey Larry….my bad bro. I forgot you were still there.” Then he laughed.

Larry felt as if Pierre was being enigmatic. He was acting very different and on purpose. Larry was about to question him, when his mom and Pierre shouted “Happy Birthday!!” He blinked. If he wasn’t before, he sure was awake now.

Their mom told them breakfast is ready and it is Larry’s favorite meal: bacon, cheesy grits, scrambled eggs, waffles and hash browns. The boys scampered down the stairs.

As they were wrapping up breakfast, they shouted “Thanks mom!” Their mouths were still full as they exited the door to head to school.

On the walk to school, Pierre was curious. He walked half a block and Nicole is no where to be found. The brothers walk pass girls that blush at the sight of them. Pierre ignores them as he only has eyes for his girlfriend. He wonders where she could be. The more in thought Pierre gets, Larry snaps his figures at him to get his attention.

Pierre slipped on his new pair of sneakers before he left the house and hoped Larry wouldn’t notice. Larry asked,”Did you get….a new…pair of…..pants?” Pierre tried to play it off by saying, “Yes I did.” Larry high-fived him. Pierre wiped the sweat off his head and wondered how long before his brother noticed he got new sneakers on his born day.

In school, the boys greeted their friends. Pierre hugged and kissed Nicole. He missed her. Pierre realized Parker was acting weird. He was a madcap. He tried not to be noticeable. Nicole even saw that his behavior was aggressive. Parker looked a bit lucid. He was growling and making angry faces at Pierre and Nicole.

Pierre couldn’t decipher if Parker was having a bad day or if that’s who he really was. Pierre grabbed Nicole’s hand and said, “Come on. Let’s get you away from him and go to class.” Larry followed behind them.

They all went to gym class. When Pierre changed his clothes, he realized his sneakers were stolen! He knew there was only one person that could have done it. Parker is an abomination. He’s too severe with his actions. Parker has been a hypocrite this whole time. He said he could never cause anymore problems in Pierre and Nicole’s relationship.

Pierre was furious. He ran out of the locker room and told Nicole. She found Parker and slapped him. Parker doesn’t hit girls so he became exodus before anyone did anything. For the rest of the day, Pierre was full of grief. He just got those!! Larry ran to catch up to Parker. Parker must have been hiding after that slap because he couldn’t be found all day.

Pierre knows his mom doesn’t have the receipt.Nicole told him to meet her at her house after school.

After everyone got their homework, they headed to Nicole’s house. Nicole opened the door and told Pierre and Larry to come in. She immediately hands Pierre a box. He opened it and saw his sneakers.

She said, “My parents livelihood can afford them so I wanted to compensate for Parker’s stupid error. Pierre said, “Thank you so much!!” His face lit up. Pierre hugged her balmy body. Then they kissed deeply. Her compassion shows great morale. This affection is too elaborate. Their liason is perfect!

To Be Continued……

Monday My-Day (Friday School Day 10)

Pierre woke up feeling fantastic because it was his birthday. Unfortunately, he had to go to school. As he got ready, he couldn’t help himself as he was curious about what Nicole got him for his birthday. He wondered how specific she’ll be. He questioned if it would be scientific or a signature of Ross Lynch. Ross Lynch was his idol as he is ambitious in his career and his cool posture gets him the ladies.

Larry and their parents said “Happy Birthdayyy!” to Pierre. They took pictures together as well. After the fun moments before school, Pierre and Larry headed out the door. Pierre knocked on Nicole’s door, but found out she wasn’t home. Pierre thought she might have just left early. But why? That made Pierre kind of nervous.

At school, the principal called Pierre to the science hall. When he went inside, everybody said “SURPRISE!! HAPPYY BIRTHDAYYY PIERRE!” He said, “Thank you all so much man!!” Everyone approached him individually then. In came Nicole with a surprise so everyone shouted, “TURN AROUND!!!” Pierre turned around and realized that someone was standing behind him. When he looked up, he saw Ross Lynch.

Ross said, “Sup dude. Happy Birthday.” Then he grabbed his mic and started to sing Pierre’s favorite song “Upside Down” which was written and created by Ross himself. After the performance, Nicole popped up and said, “Hey Pierre. Happy Birthday!” She smiled. Pierre said, “Nicole! You did this?!!” She hugged him and said in his ear, “Of course! I had to make sure you had the best birthday everrrrr!” He said “Thank you so much babe. You are so precious” as he hugged her deeply. She blushed instantly and said, “That’s not all.” She turned around and said, “Bring it out boys!” Larry and Spen walked in carrying a cake that had a picture of Pierre split with a picture of Ross that said at top “BOOM” and at the bottom “BABY.” The cake was gigantic. There was definitely more than enough to share with the class and to take home to his parents.

Pierre was excited. He told Nicole, “You’re so generous.” She waved for everyone to crowd around Pierre to sing “Happy Birthday.” Nicole made eye contact with Pierre and winked. Then Pierre knew it was time for his song. Today it went like this: “In the school being cool, cuz it’s My-day; With Nicole celebrating cuz it’s My-day.” Then his parents walked in applauding him. Pierre was surprised to see them and at the fact that they enjoyed his song. They are not used to today’s culture of music.

His mom said, “Time for opening presents!” Pierre said, “One sec. I have to tell Nicole something.” He walked over to Nicole and interrupted her conversation with Parker to tell her, “This has been such a romantic day so far. I appreciate it.” He kissed her on the cheek. She felt faint after that. Her cheeks were burning. Parker was instantly jealous. 

Parker started having dangerous thoughts about fracturing their relationship. He could do something very tragic. Parker knew he couldn’t do anything yet because the principal was there and he could get put in detention. He just told Pierre instead, “I hope you are having fun” in his conniving voice. Before Pierre could respond, Parker stormed away and said to himself, “because the fun is about to end real soon.” Pierre put his arm around Nicole and said, “Did you see that? Oh well. It’s time to open presents.”

Together, they strolled over to his parents with his arm still around her. For the rest of the day Pierre couldn’t take the teachers’ lectures serious. Science class was all he could think about….especially Nicole. Nicole thought about him as well because in art class she made him a sculpture of them dancing under the moonlight. She was gradually becoming the best girlfriend he’s ever had.

To Be Continued………….

Sunday Runday (Friday School Day 9)

Pierre and Larry woke up at 4:30 a.m. to get ready for a fundraising event for their school. At 5:00, Larry went to the store to get 2 towels, 2 water bottles, 2 pairs of sunglasses and more for the event. The fundraiser was for awareness of new programs. On their way to the fundraising event, a kid approached Pierre and asked him if he was attending. Pierre told him, “Yes I am.” The kid responded, “Oh great! So am I. I am going to be a new student at P. S. 161. My name is Parker Jennings. I was under the impression that your image at the school is quite popular.” Pierre blinked and said “Thank you. I know that is the judgment and recognition of my great friends.” Pierre liked Parker’s upfront good attitude.

At the fundraiser, some of the activities were running, bike riding, basketball, handball, jump rope, chess, board games, etc. Pierre won first place in the running in the running competition with Spen from the “Frozen Crew” coming in second. Pierre decided this was the right time for a song. He said, “Aye y’all. At the fundraiser raising money, on a Sunday; Killing the competition because it’s Runday.” His friends approached him with laughs and high fives. They always enjoy his spontaneity.

Spen’s friends walked over to him as well. Spen reached out his hand to Pierre and said, “Congrats.” Pierre shook his hand and said “Thank you.” Then they high fived. Spen introduced him to Emani, Amaya, Cameron and Olas. Pierre returned the courtesy and introduced Nicole, Larry, and Parker. Nicole said, “Well boys I hope you guys are still conscious after that run because it’s myyyyyyyy turn!!!” Nicole trailed off. She was so visual in Pierre’s eyes. It was hard for him to maintain his happiness for her.

Nicole won first place in the bike riding competition. Pierre ran over to Nicole and gave her a hug. Parker and Larry said “Congrats” in unison. Nicole and Parker started chatting.

Pierre pulled Larry aside and said, “Hey bro! Since you are older, I wanted your opinion and insight  on asking Nicole on a first date. It’s a feeling I’ve had for a long time. Before Larry responded, Parker looked over. He was curious. Larry told Pierre, “My viewpoint is that to my knowledge  she would love to go on a date with you. I see the way she looks at you.”  Pierre said, “Alright, Thanks man. I will go ask her now.” They fist bumped and off Pierre went. Pierre approached Nicole and said,”Nicole, I was wondering if you would like to go out with ya boy on a date?” She immediately said “YYYYEEESSSSSSSSSS!!!!”

Parker’s secret crush on Nicole was shattered. He was getting ready to tell her but Pierre beat him to the punch. He was pulled her aside to tell her as such, but then reality hit him; her vision was only set on Pierre. He even had a strategy! The concept of Pierre and Nicole being together was not his perception. His cognition only sees himself with her. Perhaps he should tell her how he feels before it’s entirely too late…….

To Be Continued………

Saturday Matter-Day (Friday School Day 8)

As Pierre walked to the park, he couldn’t take his mind off the fact that Nicole likes him. When he arrived at the park, he didn’t want to see visible to Nicole. Pierre tried his best not to be noticeable. He is growing a crush on her. Nicole is capable of being delicate and sensible. She wears her heart on her sleeve. The further he walked into the park, the more her lovely voice became audible.

He approached her and overheard the middle of a sad story. She was saying, “I had a horrible and miserable morning. My parents were arguing and my dad walked out saying he’ll be back. I couldn’t get my hair to stay straight on my face as I attempted to hide my tears. My mom saw them and instantly issued a hug.” Nicole looked at Pierre and he gave her a long sympathetic hug.

Pierre told her, “Don’t worry. I will make the rest of your day enjoyable.” She really appreciated his kind gestures. Nicole didn’t want to appear desperate so she concealed her excitement. She turned her head from him, smiled and whispered “YES!”

He grabbed her hand and told her, “Let’s go play Basketball.” She nodded and then followed him. Pierre let Nicole win the last two rounds out of 3 to cheer her up. He felt responsible  for having Nicole celebrate her new found happiness with him. He has to cooperate  because he is considerate of their valuable and incredible friendship.

Nicole nudged him and gave him a cheese smile. She knew what he was up to. Pierre realized then just based on the look in her eyes that she believes that their friendship matters. Once basketball was over, they played a buried treasure hunt game. It was to find the washable items throughout the scenery.

Pierre rolled out his favorite song. Nicole stopped searching to listen. Pierre said, “In the park playing with Nicole on a Saturday; Realizing friendship matters cause it’s Matter-Day!” Nicole smiled and started daydreaming. Pierre glanced at her and was fortunate because he likes her too. Even more than he does Ashley. It will be really sad when they graduate.

To Be Continued……..

Friday Fry-day (Friday School Day 7)

Pierre started off his Friday morning just like last Friday. He went to school and this time his focus was art class. He was reluctant to draw because he didn’t draw that good. He peeked at Nicole’s art work and realized she could draw WAY better than him. He had evidence that he was a bad drawer. It didn’t matter either way because his true talent was in spelling.

Pierre headed off to Science. In class they had to mix chemicals in the right way to make an explosion. It had to be mediocre. He did it successfully. The science teacher thought that he was brilliant.

The bell rung and it was time for ELA. They had a spelling test. Pierre’s mind was distracted. He couldn’t get over the spelling bee with Ashley. She was sitting two rows in front of him.

On the test, he wasn’t sure if “truancy” was spelled with an a or an e. His mind told him it was spelled “T-R-U-E-N-C-Y.” When the teacher reviewed the quiz out loud, he got it wrong. He shouldn’t have stayed up playing video games last night. He should have studied the word better when he was with Larry. Misspelling words crushed his confidence. His biggest distraction was the growling of his stomach.

Pierre couldn’t wait to go to lunch. He say with Larry and Nicole. As he inhaled his pepperoni pizza, Nicole asked, “Do you have the decency to show up to my place of residence after school?!” She smirked. Pierre chewed his food and said, “Sure why not babe.” Then he dug into the salad that was on the side. Larry and Nicole were talking about TV shows. Pierre wanted to chime in about the latest Catfish episode but he was seriously hungry. He just nodded his head every time Nicole glanced over at him.

After lunch, came recess. They all played tag. It was a fun 30 minutes.

Pierre headed to Cook-shop afterward. As if he needed to eat more food. They had to make fried chicken. His teacher told that his chicken tasted excellent. Pierre brushed the dirt off his shoulder. However, while the chicken was on point, his cookies were decent. Pierre learned how to cook from his mom, but she hasn’t taught him how to bake just yet. He knew it was “Fryday” but his reluctance to just sit in silence as an occupant just didn’t suit him. Just then Pierre knew he had to sing his song to give life to the class. Pierre didn’t give a warning this time. He just said, “In cook-shop being truant, on a Friday; still filled with brilliance and excellence cause it’s Fry-day.” His cook-shop teacher knew it was only a matter of time before the song approached his classroom.

Pierre’s rest of the day was filled with paying attention in classes so he can be prepared for homework. He was also trying to find out when he will see Ashley again so that way he can answer her question. But he couldn’t ponder too long as he had to head home to get ready to go to Nicole’s house.

Pierre headed straight to his bedroom to change clothes into something nicer. He ran into his cousin and briefly said hi to her as he rushed out the door. When he got to Nicole’s house, she let him in. Pierre told her, “Nice occupancy. Your family are great residents. You take care of the inside and the outside.” Nicole blushed and said, “Thanks. Nice fragrance on you.” Pierre hugged her, but he hadn’t realized his cousin’s perfume had rubbed off on him when he saw her at his house. It was evident that he was confident around Nicole. Pierre thought about her expressions when she told him “nice fragrance.” He must have been thinking too long because she was now trying to get his attention. He realized she was attracted to him.

Who knows what will happen next?

To Be Continued……

Thursday Words-Day (Friday School Day 6)

It was 11:00 am which was occupied by 5th period. Pierre was on his way to ELA. He was excited because they were going to have a spelling bee and he was certain that he was going to win. A group of kids were walking down the hall when one girl stopped Pierre. She said, “Why do you look so proud? It’s not like you’re gonna win the class spelling bee.” Pierre told her, “Stop being a pessimist.” Then he walked away before he said anything else. As he approached class, a huge smile was plastered on his face.

When Pierre got to his class, he saw all of his friends studying for the competition. When his teacher gave out numbers for the turns of the students, Pierre realized that he was number 10. He figured that wouldn’t be so bad as he can watch all the losers get out of the way first. As the spelling be came to a close, he was a finalist along with the girl that approached him earlier. She stuck her tongue out at him. Pierre laughed and thought As if she is going to beat me! He was confident in himself that he would be a final contestant before the spelling bee started. He just didn’t think she would be too. Pierre found out her name is Ashley. He checked her name tag. Somehow she has always been in class, but maybe too shy to speak until today.

The teacher gave them their last word. It was “Reversible.” Ashley asked for the word in a sentence. Their teacher said, “Sure. The sentence is: My blanket is reversible.” Ashley thought she had this one in the bag. She said, “Reversible. R-E-V-E-R-S-A-B-L-E. Reversible.” Everyone in the class gasped. Pierre laughed. The teacher said, “I’m sorry Ashley. That was sooo close!.” It was then Pierre’s turn. All his friends cheered him on. Once the class was settled Pierre said, “Reversible. R-E-V-E-R-S-I-B-L-E. As in Ashley, sorry but your ego is not reversible.” The class laughed. Even the teacher smirked at his quirkiness.

So as it is obvious, Pierre won the trophy.It is now a collectible. His friends find him honorable. They all thought his personality was just radiant. Sometimes they wonder how they are friends with such a bold character such as him. His teacher stepped up to him and told him, “You’re so observant with an absorbent mind for words. Good job and Congratulations.” Pierre winked at her for his smooth patriotism.

Pierre found he was well quipped for a song at this moment. Pierre cleared his throat and said, “Ladies and gentlemen. Hear me out….In a class spelling bee, on a Thursday; Spelling all the words right cause it’s Thursday.” Everyone in the class found this song laughable. Ashley rolled her eyes.

Pierre noticed and told her, “If you become my friend, you’ll get much more of that because I sing that song frequently, but in different ways.” Then he touched her chin and walked over to his friends. She quickly followed him and with hot red cheeks she said, “I’m sorry I picked on you before. Do you want to be my friend?” Just as Pierre was going to answer, Larry came by his class for an emergency.

Larry said that it was urgent. He was very insistent that Pierre follows him. Pierre gave Ashley an “I’m sorry this will be continued look” as he quickly exited. There was a journalist outside to interview Pierre for his wonderful song that went viral. She was a journalism major at NYU. She worked at the Daily News. Her optimism made him comfortable enough to share his story. She was also a novelist. She told him, “I will ask your parents if I can write a biography about you. Is that alright?” He smirked and told her, “Yeah that’s cool.”

As fast as the day started, it ended. Pierre went home and placed his trophy on his new vacant trophy case. He made sure it was up high and out of the way from other things because he knew it would be terrible if it broke.

To Be Continued……..

Tuesday Amuse-Day (Friday School Day 5)

Pierre and Larry were getting ready for school just as their mom called them into her room. She told them there was no school today due to the chances of a blizzard in tow. Pierre and Larry figured she would let them go to the movies as long as they dress warm. She let them go, assuring they will make it back safe.

At the movies, the guys chose to watch “Selma.” During the movie, they guys learned how the marchers cultivated for the march. The marchers were filled with gratitude, but were also very rampant.The boys realized that he marchers were trying their best to stay true to their heritage. People in legislatures, their homes, etc. were watching and thought they were being rebellions. The marchers had a contradiction about not being judged by their complexion.They were merely not intimidated. The cops tried to abolish the marchers. The march was intentional, but the marchers were there for only one specific reason, to get freedom.

When the movie finished Pierre and Larry went to the arcade to play games. The arcade looked like a convention. The guys played laser tag and Larry lost. Larry was underestimated his bro. It was a 1 on 1 game! Everyone in view tallied their score. Pierre ran out of coins so he convinced Larry to loan him the last of his. This time they played Mortal Kombat. Everyone made nominations for a new team leader. Pierre won again. Pierre found it ironic how someone so young could beat the older kids so easily.

Pierre was having too much fun and figured it was the perfect time to sing his song: “In the arcade beating Larry on a Tuesday; Took his coins and his prizes cause’ it’s Tuesday.” Everyone in the arcade stopped, cheered and shouted. One boy said, “That….was….the….BEST SONG EVER!!” Everyone chuckled. It looked like game time was over after that as their mom came to recollect them because of how dark it was outside.

To Be Continued…..

Monday Not-Funday (Friday School Day 4)

Pierre started off his Monday morning like every other Monday. He dreads the day because it’s the slowest day of the week. The first class he went to was Social Studies. He started learning about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Pierre learned about how Dr. King made a lot of progress protesting to get quality, justice and to end integration. He learned about his state which was New York and the Capitol that was Albany. Pierre didn’t know they lived in a Union as one. He then felt like he understood Dr. King’s history a little better.

After Social Studies, he headed to Math. There was a class activity in which they had to play “store” to learn how to add and subtract decimals. Pierre made more profits than anyone else. His team depended on him to represent their sales in the presentation. Pierre merely wanted to sing his song because this class assignment was a piece of cake. It was a guaranteed win for them if Pierre promoted their sales. After their presentation, the teacher stated, “Congratulations.” Pierre then burst into his song just as the bell rang. His song for today was “In the school being bored, on a Monday; In the boring classes ’cause it’s Monday.” The students left in the class started laughing at Pierre just as they clapped. The teacher told him “Nice song. But I am afraid you have to go to your next class.” On his way to his next class the fire alarm went off.

All the students evacuated the school, leaving it abandoned. Pierre was the most behaved in his class. His science teacher said “Pierre you are a spiritual person.” Pierre blushed and said, “Thank you sir.” Once the students returned in the school, Pierre was met with the girl that said he looked familiar. He never got her name so he was hoping that would change. She invaded his space this time and said his complexion is glowing today. He thanked her and said he had an idea. First he asked her, “What’s your name?” She said, “My name is Nicole.” He told her, “Nice to meet you. My name is Pierre Wiot. Now let’s come to a compromise to become innovators of a new friendship. It will be a combination of greatness as well as a brother and sister relationship.” She said, “That’ll be wonderful!!!!!!!!”

To Be Continued……….

Sunday Funday (Friday School Day 3)

Pierre started off his amazing Sunday morning by playing with his older brother Larry. They were pretending to be soldiers. They were on a mission and they had to find out the combination to the security door. They opened the security door (room door) and found out that they were entering a restaurant (the kitchen) so they made a reservation because they thought that it would be their only opportunity to have “Morning Bluz” which is biscuits, eggs and bacon. So the boys stopped playing to eat breakfast.

After Pierre finished eating, he went to his parents room and saw that it was destroyed. The colonies were fighting the immigrants (the bed fought the dressers). Then Larry went upstairs to claim his territory. He went to abolish the people at war. The colonies had to surrender because they ran out of weapons (sneakers) and it was very dreadful. Larry decreed that Pierre build a foundation for a cultivator. It is for the use of exotic foods.

Then in the guest room and Pierre began to make progress on the assignment. He worked as an independent too. All of a sudden the phone rang. Larry went to answer the phone. It was their parents. Pierre ran to the phone. Their parents told them they had to run to their nana’s house. They unchartered themselves to clean the house no matter how contradicting it was because they live there and it was their mess to begin with. Pierre and Larry vowed to put everything how it was so they wouldn’t be harassed by their parents for the mess they made. Pierre sang his weekly song and this time Larry joined in, “In the house having fun, on a Sunday; Play with my brother and toys cause it’s Sunday.”

To Be Continued……….