Sunday Runday (Friday School Day 9)

Pierre and Larry woke up at 4:30 a.m. to get ready for a fundraising event for their school. At 5:00, Larry went to the store to get 2 towels, 2 water bottles, 2 pairs of sunglasses and more for the event. The fundraiser was for awareness of new programs. On their way to the fundraising event, a kid approached Pierre and asked him if he was attending. Pierre told him, “Yes I am.” The kid responded, “Oh great! So am I. I am going to be a new student at P. S. 161. My name is Parker Jennings. I was under the impression that your image at the school is quite popular.” Pierre blinked and said “Thank you. I know that is the judgment and recognition of my great friends.” Pierre liked Parker’s upfront good attitude.

At the fundraiser, some of the activities were running, bike riding, basketball, handball, jump rope, chess, board games, etc. Pierre won first place in the running in the running competition with Spen from the “Frozen Crew” coming in second. Pierre decided this was the right time for a song. He said, “Aye y’all. At the fundraiser raising money, on a Sunday; Killing the competition because it’s Runday.” His friends approached him with laughs and high fives. They always enjoy his spontaneity.

Spen’s friends walked over to him as well. Spen reached out his hand to Pierre and said, “Congrats.” Pierre shook his hand and said “Thank you.” Then they high fived. Spen introduced him to Emani, Amaya, Cameron and Olas. Pierre returned the courtesy and introduced Nicole, Larry, and Parker. Nicole said, “Well boys I hope you guys are still conscious after that run because it’s myyyyyyyy turn!!!” Nicole trailed off. She was so visual in Pierre’s eyes. It was hard for him to maintain his happiness for her.

Nicole won first place in the bike riding competition. Pierre ran over to Nicole and gave her a hug. Parker and Larry said “Congrats” in unison. Nicole and Parker started chatting.

Pierre pulled Larry aside and said, “Hey bro! Since you are older, I wanted your opinion and insight  on asking Nicole on a first date. It’s a feeling I’ve had for a long time. Before Larry responded, Parker looked over. He was curious. Larry told Pierre, “My viewpoint is that to my knowledge  she would love to go on a date with you. I see the way she looks at you.”  Pierre said, “Alright, Thanks man. I will go ask her now.” They fist bumped and off Pierre went. Pierre approached Nicole and said,”Nicole, I was wondering if you would like to go out with ya boy on a date?” She immediately said “YYYYEEESSSSSSSSSS!!!!”

Parker’s secret crush on Nicole was shattered. He was getting ready to tell her but Pierre beat him to the punch. He was pulled her aside to tell her as such, but then reality hit him; her vision was only set on Pierre. He even had a strategy! The concept of Pierre and Nicole being together was not his perception. His cognition only sees himself with her. Perhaps he should tell her how he feels before it’s entirely too late…….

To Be Continued………

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