Oooo You So Shady!

Besides the fact that this site’s host name has the word shade, I figured what good would it be if I never talked about the shaaaadeeee  I see everyday? Let me break it down for you.

First off…What is Shade?

Shade is the blocking of the sun thanks to natural things such as trees. It feels good when its that summer heat blazing through the street and all you want to do is run to the shade…. right?

Shade is when you wear those sunglasses to block you from that sun,


as well as the nickname for those sunglasses. Double whammy! 😉

Shade is dissing your friend, family or significant other.


As you know there is more terms to shade but I won’t list them all.

Now that we’ve got that covered…..

I just love when friends are the shadiest there is. They are the true hypocrites. When you need them, they are nowhere to be found, but they expect you to be there all the time.

I won’t aid you if you can’t aid me.


Recently I’ve encountered some interactions that I just look at and shake my head. I put it in my mental notebook as something to remember for the next time they need assistance.

I don’t like being on the phone with people who put me on hold.

I dislike the friends that talk to me and others in their household at the same time.

It’s aggravating when I am looking to speak to someone and I get redirected to 50 million other people other than that one person. You know how you call the operator to talk to a representative only to get the wrong rep and they send you to someone else that is STILL the wrong department?

Or when you call a friend’s house in general and you get transferred to so many people that it feels like the same operating system I just mentioned?

This is why people text. It saves the hassle of calls these days. But it’s worse when friends have no phone. Smh

I find it shady when someone does something to you that they would never like if it were them. That’s #shade for real. Karma likes to bite and it will come back to bite those who least expect it.

Ooohh have you ever had shade be thrown at you when you’re in the room?

For example: Your friend got invited to this dope party and he/she knows you need an outlook to either network or have fun. It’s the party of the year, yet they don’t open the door for an invite.

That my friend is #Shade.

Now that has never happened to me but I am sure it has happened before.

But I have had shade thrown at me while I’m in the room. There’s too many to list. I just ignore it because words will be words. A woman forgives, but never forgets.

I’ve experienced shade at work too. Those co-workers that say hi to you just because ya’ll work together but they don’t really like you. You ask them a question about work and they give you a fake smile and answer you. Yeah I’ve been through both of those. I can’t control how people behave.

Birthdays are the perfect situations that friends use to be shady.

You have heard the oh so familiar “Oh I can’t make it because…..” and I’m sure some people have good intentions, buuuuttt you know the friends that don’t. If they flash on social media all the money they make, yet they won’t come to your birthday get together? Hmmmm Shade!

The definite is when they expect you to show up to their birthday even though they totally blew yours off for their own reasons! How about you use your “Get Out of This One” card on them? Unless you just don’t care. That’s me….I just don’t care about things like I used to. Friends will be friends, just know who the real ones are.

The funniest shade is Facebook/Twitter status posts. I’ve had one friend write one about me and I liked the post! 😀 Is that wrong? I felt like she wanted me to see it so I liked it so she knew I saw it. No harm, no foul.

Social media just gives people the free will to be punks and write about someone indirectly, because they are too afraid to just be the grown person they are and confront their feelings.

Then it’s weird when you just post just to post and there’s that ONE friend that thinks its about them and they write a post in response to it. Like huh? Really? LOL This happened to me one time too many.

Lastly, I figured it was a good idea to pinch at another reason why my blog title is what it is. Mostly everyone throws shade. As I stated when I first blogged, I just keep it real. I struggled with a title and then it hit me. Other than my inspirations (see About Me), it just made sense. Shade is everywhere and there’s no stopping it. You notice the real from the fake, or don’t but I am here to help open those eyes to the bright light of realness! 🙂

I wonder how many people experienced it today?

8 thoughts on “Oooo You So Shady!

  1. I wish there was some literally shade today! But luckily, the shade you speak of has not made its presence felt. Excellent post!


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