Sunday Funday (Friday School Day 3)

Pierre started off his amazing Sunday morning by playing with his older brother Larry. They were pretending to be soldiers. They were on a mission and they had to find out the combination to the security door. They opened the security door (room door) and found out that they were entering a restaurant (the kitchen) so they made a reservation because they thought that it would be their only opportunity to have “Morning Bluz” which is biscuits, eggs and bacon. So the boys stopped playing to eat breakfast.

After Pierre finished eating, he went to his parents room and saw that it was destroyed. The colonies were fighting the immigrants (the bed fought the dressers). Then Larry went upstairs to claim his territory. He went to abolish the people at war. The colonies had to surrender because they ran out of weapons (sneakers) and it was very dreadful. Larry decreed that Pierre build a foundation for a cultivator. It is for the use of exotic foods.

Then in the guest room and Pierre began to make progress on the assignment. He worked as an independent too. All of a sudden the phone rang. Larry went to answer the phone. It was their parents. Pierre ran to the phone. Their parents told them they had to run to their nana’s house. They unchartered themselves to clean the house no matter how contradicting it was because they live there and it was their mess to begin with. Pierre and Larry vowed to put everything how it was so they wouldn’t be harassed by their parents for the mess they made. Pierre sang his weekly song and this time Larry joined in, “In the house having fun, on a Sunday; Play with my brother and toys cause it’s Sunday.”

To Be Continued……….

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