Monday Not-Funday (Friday School Day 4)

Pierre started off his Monday morning like every other Monday. He dreads the day because it’s the slowest day of the week. The first class he went to was Social Studies. He started learning about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Pierre learned about how Dr. King made a lot of progress protesting to get quality, justice and to endΒ integration. He learned about his state which was New York and the Capitol that was Albany. Pierre didn’t know they lived in a Union as one. He then felt like he understood Dr. King’s history a little better.

After Social Studies, he headed to Math. There was a class activity in which they had to play “store” to learn how to add and subtract decimals. Pierre made more profits than anyone else. His team depended on him to represent their sales in the presentation. Pierre merely wanted to sing his song because this class assignment was a piece of cake. It was a guaranteed win for them if Pierre promoted their sales. After their presentation, the teacher stated, “Congratulations.” Pierre then burst into his song just as the bell rang. His song for today was “In the school being bored, on a Monday; In the boring classes ’cause it’s Monday.” The students left in the class started laughing at Pierre just as they clapped. The teacher told him “Nice song. But I am afraid you have to go to your next class.” On his way to his next class the fire alarm went off.

All the students evacuated the school, leaving it abandoned. Pierre was the most behaved in his class. His science teacher said “Pierre you are a spiritual person.” Pierre blushed and said, “Thank you sir.” Once the students returned in the school, Pierre was met with the girl that said he looked familiar. He never got her name so he was hoping that would change. She invaded his space this time and said his complexion is glowing today. He thanked her and said he had an idea. First he asked her, “What’s your name?” She said, “My name is Nicole.” He told her, “Nice to meet you. My name is Pierre Wiot. Now let’s come to a compromise to become innovators of a new friendship. It will be a combination of greatness as well as a brother and sister relationship.” She said, “That’ll be wonderful!!!!!!!!”

To Be Continued……….

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