Chapter 1 Sneak Peek – Played Him Twice


© Eliza Rose



Brian liked to fuck. He always picked up the baddest chicks. Sex made him think clearer. He wouldn’t call himself a nympho, but he was a freak. While in NY to open his new clothing store, strictly business, he rented a room up at the Hyatt hotel until everything was set and stone. Then he would maybe stay longer. One day at the gym, he met this sexy, determined, sweaty woman whose physique showed she worked out all the time.

Her name was Cherry. She had been doing stretches, preparing to jog around the track. He noticed her staring from across the room. It practically burned a hole in his cheek. Her hair was in a bun, when she worked out and she let it elongate when she was done. A move that felt like showing off. Her chestnut brown hair, waved as she then wrinkled her hands in it and tossed it into a ponytail.

After a few days, he mustered up the guts to approach her. It was pretty easy to get what he wanted. As soon as he introduced himself, she was like putty in his hands. Cherry’s hazel eyes, burned through his soft brown eyes as she gave him her number. She was memorized and felt special seeing as a man wanted her all sweaty and out of breath. Brian wanted to see what was up with her. Her body was looking right in them yoga pants.

He told her, “So I’ll see you tonight?”

She blushed. Then she said, “Maybe. If I’m still up.”

She knew damn well, she was gonna be showered and ready for him. It was only 11 a.m. right now. She tried making small talk, which Brian liked. But when she mentioned her sister works at the movie theater on 3rd Ave, he made a mental note to stop by the theater. He had a plan in mind and instantly wanted to put it in place.

After a few more bench presses, he got up and walked out. He headed to the hotel room to shower. Brian’s only visiting NY for a month while his clothing business expands. He just landed yesterday. His plan included renting out a condo, once his partners tell him the store is a go.

In the shower, he couldn’t help but think about Cherry. He hoped she come through tonight. In his mental rolodex, he thought about the perfect outfit to put on, as he is about to head out to see a movie to kill time.

Everyone keep asking Brian why he is single. The truth is, he’s not a man up for commitment. His last girl was back in college, and she broke up with him to be with a football player set to make it to the NFL. It’s all good, because he wasn’t faithful to her neither. He had a sorority chick in his room every weekend. Back then he was fit, steady 6 pack, 6 ft tall, cornrows and a thin, small goatee and fresh fits. Now he has some muscles, thanks to the workouts, a nice beard and waves on his hair. He felt like he had to change it up when he graduated and began work as an intern for Prada.

After a good 30 minutes, Brian got out the shower, dried off and got dressed. He chose a red Gucci shirt and black robin jeans with the red, black, and white Jordan 11’s. He got dressed and sprayed some Guilty by Gucci. One look in the mirror and he was. on his way out.

He wondered if Crystal looked anything like her sister? He’s thinking hard as the Uber arrives. Brian’s headed to AMC Theater 7 to see the Joker movie.


This fine, beautiful caramel skinned, brown eyed girl was at the ticket booth handing out tickets to customers and ended it with, “enjoy your movie.”

She did a hair swipe after the last customer passed. Her curls were a soft pink, must be trying to stand out. Brian was behind one more person, wishing they would hurry the fuck up.

The universe heard his complaints as he was up next. He made sure to get up close and personal to Crystal. Just had to play the right cards here.

She looked up at him, while in her seat. A slight pause, she smirked. “Hello, welcome to AMC. What movie would you like to see today?”

Brian licked his lips. “Hey beautiful. Your tag says Crystal. I’ll call you that. I’m here to see the Joker movie. Have you seen it?”

She grinned. “Yeah actually, it’s pretty dope.” She swings a piece of hair behind her ear as it fell. Also, a clear sign that she’s feeling ya boy.

“Aight. Before I go in, I’d love to get to know you. Are you single?” Brian said, turning his head to wave the person behind him to the next employee.

Crystal said, “I don’t usually do this but um…since you fine and all, I’ll give you my number so I can finish working.” She wrote it down. “Yes, I’m single. For three years now.”

Brian took her number and put it in his pocket. “Aight cool. Imma definitely hit you up. Stay by your phone love. Enjoy your night.” He winked then walked away.

The ticket attendant by the podium to enter the theater took his ticket, ripped half off and put it in the box, then gave Brian his copy. “Theater 4 please. Enjoy.”

Brian said, “Thank you,” then went to the concession stand to get a medium popcorn and a large Coke. The line was short, so he had enough time to get seated for previews. He picked a seat in the back, toward the middle. Pulling his phone out, he clicked the power button to release any notifications. No one texted. He punched Crystal’s number in his phone as well as Cherry’s. Afterwards his phone went on silent, and the lights went dim. Previews were the best part.


After two hours, the movie ended. Brian had to take a leak. When he was done using the bathroom, he checked to see if Crystal was still working. She was still sitting at the booth, wiping counters down, so he went to let her know he enjoyed the movie. A plan for her to mark his face one more time before he left.

Crystal smiled. She blushed. Her co-workers pretended to be busy. They must have known it was time for her to have a new spark in life. He didn’t play her too close though. So, he said to her, “If you gettin’ off I could walk you to your car…or the bus, the train…”

She said, “I don’t get off until 1 a.m. Have to help clean.”

Brian said, “No biggie. You get home safe. I holla at you.”

“Thank you though.” She smiled at him.

He winked at her. Then turned around and walked out the door.

He called a cab. He had to get the rental car tomorrow. He would only be out here for two months to get Ace’s Outwear branding in the state. The store’s named after his father. Ace was also one of the powerful cards in a deck and a strong symbol in life.

When the cab arrived, he confirmed the destination and checked his phone. Brian texted

Cherry. How is home after workout? Did you sweat waiting for me to text you?

Brian scrolled his email while he waited for a response. While he enjoyed the sights, he thought about ordering food when he returned to the Hyatt hotel. His phone vibrated; text message showed it was Cherry responding.

Lol emoji. Is this Brian? Stop being so silly. I was waiting for you to text me but I’m not sweating you. I mean look who texted me. Haha

So she’s sarcastic and a fronter. Interesting. He made it to the hotel in 10 minutes and tipped the driver before heading up to his room, 404. Brian stripped down to his boxers and wife beater. He clicked on the TV to put on some football and poured a shot of Cîroc. He sat down and texted,

Iight iight. I was at the movies anyway. I went to see Joker.

She must have time because she hit him back quickly.

You didn’t happen to go to the one my sister works at, did you? If so, did you see her?

He stared at the phone for a second, debated if he should lie or tell the truth. The chat bubble was pending blue. He decided not to play the cards he was dealt. Fuck it. Brian wanted to see her reaction to this…

Nah boo. I went to Regal. AMC was packed. I’m home now. He sipped his vodka, feeling triumphant.

There was a Packers VS the Raiders game on, and Brian was barely paying attention. His mind was swamped on how he was going to tap that booty when Cherry come over. When she was doing yoga poses and squats, the apple shape made Brian want to pounce on her. He tried to come off as respectful as possible so that he could get her number. Brian confirmed next time he go to the gym, they were gonna flirt a little more.

She replied,

Ok cool. Some me time is healthy. I’m watching TV and drinking wine.

Brian smirked.

Too bad it’s not together. Wink emoji. Say, I’m having a 90’s party in a couple weeks, you’re more than welcome to come. I’ll text you the address the day before. Invite your friends, sister, whoever.

She replied,

I just met you. You may be rich, a strategic businessman but…. sign me up! I’m coming with my girls. I’ll see if Crystal wants to come, she usually hates theme parties.

Checkmate. That will be his time to double dip at the same time. He replied,

I’m all business with some pleasure baby. You would see if you stopped by. My room number is 404. Think about it and just come through.

Brian got up and poured himself a double shot. His phone started ringing, it was his business partner, Joe. They have a location out in LA, so moving and opening on in NY is a big deal. LA opened last year and did pretty well, the store sells shoes, suits, jeans, shirts, button-ups, and shorts. They’re high-end retail and Joe has his own collection line selling in-store as well. Brian wanted to make a name for myself so when he has kids, they would already be good. Brian was about to hit 34, hence the party coming up.

He gulped the rest of the Cîroc, turned the TV to Soul Food and kicked back. Sometime after resting my feet up, he felt sleepy.

Brian woke up to the sound of knocking at his door. Not too pressed on random visitors, he jumped up quickly. Defense mode was always activated first, his dad showed him karate moves just in case he needed it. The time on his phone said 9p.m. Shit. He couldn’t believe he slept that long. Brian wiped the drool off his face, straightened his clothes and said, “Hold on a minute!” He tapped his face to wake up. He opened the door in a haste, and beauty stood before him.

“Come on in…” he said, watching her fine ass walk in wearing a tub top and booty shorts with a tie string, and furry slippers on her feet.

She was staggering. “Hey. I’m here! Let’s have sex. Order pizza? BOTH!”

Brian laughed. She looked like she had too much to drink. Cherry must be ready to have her cherry popped. Not to sound cocky, but women don’t turn him down. Even in college, Brian had a trail of women following him daily. Some would bring meal plans to his dorm room. His charm and swag kept the ladies coming. So, he wasn’t surprised he was able to get Cherry and Crystal numbers in one day. Do sisters not talk? He wondered how they described him to one another…

She was snapping her fingers in the air. “Um hello! Earth to Brian! You back? You looked lost for a minute…I am going to order Papa John’s.”

Brian snapped out of his reverie. “Sounds good. Don’t order too much, we’re hungry, not starving. You also been drinking…watch your carbs.”

She slapped his leg. A little higher and clothes would have been flying off. “I only drank one whole bottle. I feel gooood, but I’m able to manage. Back to the gym in the morning. Are you going to coach me?”

Her smile came off flirty. Like she was throwing hints and he was grabbing each one. Brian locked the door and poured two shots of Cîroc, one for her and one for himself. They sat on the couch and got to know each other. They clinked glasses and straight shoot the alcohol. She made a face as if she couldn’t handle it but feigned bold.

She said, “Well I’m 28, I work as a Yoga Instructor, I’m also a blogger. I like to read, draw, skate and party. I’m also not a virgin. Shit. Your turn…” she grazed his arm.

Brian bit his bottom lip. “Cool. You already know I work out; I’ll be 34 in 2 weeks. I’m in business with my best friend Joe, we own a clothing company, expanding actually so I’m only out here for a brief visit then leaving in a couple months to go back to LA. I watch love movies, action, crime, and read fiction from time to time.”

She kissed him. Her lips were warm, the body heat radiating onto his as he processed what was happening. Brian put his arms around her waist. She straddled him. She worked her mouth on his, forming sexy, tongue kissing as she wrapped her arms around him. Cherry rocked back and forth, making his member go UP. They were interrupted by the fuckin’ door.


She climbed off of Brian and said, “I should get that.”

Brian dug in his pocket for cash, handed it to her and said, “Here. This should cover it with a tip.”

She smiled. “Thank you.” Cherry retrieves the pizza, pays the man and closes the door with her feet.

He said, “Girl if you don’t put that damn box down and come finish what you started.”

She laughed, as she placed the pizza down on the kitchen counter, she whined, “But I’m hungry…”

Brian got up and walked over to her. He whispered in her ear, “I rather eat you up first, before filling up on cheese which leads to gassy asses.”

She squirmed and opened the pizza box. She took a quick bite before he grabbed her hands and lead her to putting the pizza down. Brian guided his hands down her body, loosening her shorts string.

Before continuing, he looked up and said, “Cherry. You do want this right?”

She pushed his head down and in toward her clit. “Yes Brian. I told you at the door. Come on now.”

She smelled like summer, very refreshing. He pulled her shorts off, no panties underneath. One lick of her pussy and he was all in. Brian licked her like he was starving.

She was moaning, and it was turning Brian on. When she came, he lifted her up and carried her to the bedroom. He laid her on the bed and put his dick inside of her. The rhythmic thrusts were in sync, he pounded faster and faster until he busted a nut. Once done, he grabbed a towel from the bathroom to clean up with, a warm towel for her, and a rag for the bedsheets. She cleaned herself, standing up while he got to the sheets. He wiped them then removed them to place new ones on the mattress. Afterwards, she kissed him on the cheek.

She walked out the room to finish eating pizza.

“Ohkayyy…” Brian said, thinking about what to do next.

He made up the bed, washed his hands and went back to the living room to find Cherry fully dressed and drinking. She said, “That was good Brian.”

“The pizza orrr…”

She interrupted, “Sex silly. The pizza hit the spot, but so did you.” She checked her phone and responded to a message then stood up.

Brian grabbed a slice and ate standing up. He gave her a head nod.

Cherry said, “I would love to stay and chat, but I’ve gotta go.” She grabbed the box of pizza and right before she left for good, he snagged two more slices.

When did she get a little less tipsy and more formal?

Brian shook off the question, he was just glad she was coherent enough to leave.

“Ok. When will I see you again?”

“You have my number B. Use it. This won’t be the last of me.” She said, grabbing the latch on the door.

“Gotcha,” he said as he watched the door close.


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