Creative Writing Feature: Poem!

Creative Writing Feature! 

I had to reinvent one of the hardest poems of my life! I am normally a poet, so you would think it would come easy. In order to ace this extra curriculum needed to graduate, I had to do it. First I will post Franz Wright original poem called “One Heart” and then below I will post my own. I really like how it turned out :). Let me know your thoughts!

Franz Wright Poem “One Heart” 

It is late afternoon and I have just returned from

the longer version of my walk nobody knows

about. For the first time in nearly a month, and

everything changed. It is the end of March, once

more I have lived. This morning a young woman

described what it’s like shooting coke with a baby

in your arms. The astonishing windy and altering light

and clouds and water were, at certain moment,


There is only one heart in my body, have mercy

on me.

The brown leaves buried all winter creatureless feet

running over dead grass beginning to green, the first scent-

less violet here and there, returned, the first star noticed all

at once as one stands staring into the black water.

Thank You for letting me live for a little as one of the

sane; thank You for letting me know what this is

like. Thank You for letting me look at your frightening

blue sky without fear, and your terrible world without

terror, and your loveless psychotic and hopelessly


with this love.


My Poem

It is almost midnight and I just had a real epiphany

as I lay on the bedroom floor

now. It was about mostly about surviving college, which

 I have finally understood.

As a nerve suddenly awakes me, I

accept this exhilarating feeling. Last night my best friend

called me crying and trembling about losing her baby

in the hospital. Her heaving and sniffling were the

epitome of the earth pungency, the rain  cloud


I realized my achievements of the English major, outweigh all

my downfalls.

 The warm, breezing winds and sunshine’s warm rays

brighten your day with daisies and lilacs, and freshly mowed

grass shines through the park, reveals, the first time I met you and

how much our friendship has grown rapidly over the years.

The end is near for me as I take this journey to graduate

Happily; The end is this feeling of beauty and birth

becomes. The end is reeling in the freedom and fantasies

to create a new woman, and light laughter in our

world of

light, bluish skies and cotton-y


with this success.


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7 thoughts on “Creative Writing Feature: Poem!

  1. I came back to say um…yes please! I reread this again Sis! How are you?
    Ugh! I need to figure out how to add the Facebook box to my page…haven’t figured it out yet lol..
    Praying you are well!


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