Friendship Denied!!

Ever feel deep down inside that everything around you is changing and you don’t know if it is a good thing or bad thing?


Something major was coming, yet you couldn’t put your finger on it……


Or eerily that you have a convo with someone that states being different to people in the new year and it seems like one of you might just be pulling the plug on the other without realizing it?

Also you had this same conversation with a previous friend who most definitely blocked you.

Well MY answer is YES!

I just experienced all of that.

I feel like this one friend was waiting for me to say something to her or waiting for the right moment to choose not to be friends with me….

And it was I that set it off….

After we kind of backtracked anyway because it wasn’t like she called me in the recent months and gave excuses when I stated she could call me….

Using her baby being home schooled as an excuse.

See my life is very busy.

I worked overtime since October almost every week. Only time to sleep, cook, and right back to work.

When I’m not tired, I get my hair done, nails done.

As far as hanging out? Yea right.

Family and friends call me though….why couldn’t she??

See I fell back when she told me something she could have said 8 months ago….made herself seem fake in that moment…..

So I used work as to why I stopped visiting. Truth is, I was always going to her house. When was she ever gonna say she coming to mine?? Oh never cuz she hates my bf.

I realized I didn’t wanna be the friend freezing my ass off just to visit a friend warm and cozy in her house.

Did it for many years without question.

Until now, I am a changed person and I am tired of pulling in work for friends that cannot return the favor.


Sooooo last month she didn’t like that I told her my bills are more important than buying her and my “nephew” gifts.



Sorry double dramatic moment

I bought ya’ll food more than u fed me. Out of the kindest of my heart and with respect because I cared bout my best friend.

Spent my money on bday gifts for u and ya son when u never got me a gift.

And u wanna get mad that I choose bills over ya’ll?

My man and my home over gifts?


Get mad that I told her she doesn’t know responsibilities and never will until she learns and lives in her own apt. You can’t please everyone and can’t always please your kid.

If you don’t have a job, you shouldn’t be too worried about getting your child every item on their list. Normal people get what they can knowing that they can’t afford much.



You called me and you ask me to get an addition gift for your child cuz you want to show him he can have the world.


I am supposed to take a couple dollars out of my pocket for a gift because you can’t afford it.

I thought friendship was about honesty….

A person must be really low about their situation if they let the truth break them.

Oh well.

2016 I lost a lot of friends…..doesn’t matter.

She was looking for a way out.

Because she didn’t like my bf….

Because I kept getting back with him instead of listening to her….

Because she swears I became just like him…

Yeah ok!

I am maturing every day and realize if you want to be in my life you will be there.

That includes this relationship I am in.

So after our heated argument which occurred on Facebook messenger, she blocked me.

Damn Gina!

Block me because you are in your feelings.

Get a grip.

We too grown to be hurt by the truth.

But I guess people have growing up to do.

The female that blocked me in 2016 because she was FAKE all along and argued with me over B.S. need to grow up

The female that blocked me in 2016 because after I left her apt, I recollected the items she tried to steal besides the panties (she kept those) and realized I peep game…Need to grow up!

You would think the way I beef with females that I have more male friends…


They steer you wrong too sometimes….

So It is just ME, the few good friends I have left and my boyfriend.

All I need right?

Sorry needed to vent!

Has anyone been through something similar? Lost friends over nonsense? 

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