Poems from Planting the Seeds that Blossomed Me

© Eliza Rose


Marital Muse (Page 49)

Marital Muse

Asked me to be your groom
came in the room with your slip on
And asked if I’m ready for my tasting.
I told you I’d be happy to lay my lips
Upon your feasting buffet.

I ate until I became full
Off your main entrees,
My favorite, the ganache
Your nectar so sweet, so pure.
I washed it down with the signature cocktail.

You opened the flood gates,
your grand entrance
we made our watermark
Easing to the altar
As I embarked on your sweetheart neckline.

I glanced at the officiant
it had the red button
Pressed record as we committed
With our guests in view
Watching over you.

After it’s all over,
You request in house catering
I make sure to RSVP.
my mind is on round 2
I want to dwell on you.

The dessert is now catered,
Chocolate covered strawberries,
white mocha fondue.
We laugh, we cry, we catch our breath.


Take Me (Page 27)

Take Me

Take me to your paradise,

Take me to your home.

Take me to your kingdom,

So, I can sit on your throne.

Take me to your heart,

Take me to your soul.

Take me to that part,

That has that special goal.

Take me to your happiness,

That brings out your smile.

I want to be with you for a long time,

Not just for a little while.

You took my breath away,

To prove you’re here to stay,

So why not take me to our future,

Where our life holds.

I hope I am not too bold.

Take me to love,

Take me to pleasure.

Take me everywhere,

Our hearts can measure.

Take me to life,

Take me to death.

In the coffin,

Holding hands because,

You chose to take me everywhere.


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