Chapter 1: Good to See You Again

© Eliza Rose

© Shade But No Shade 2022

Chapter One 

As I walk into my massage therapy place, I mentally prepared for my next session. When my assistant rushed up to me and told me, “Michelle, your 2 o’clock appointment is here to see you.” I had no idea it’d be someone truly familiar. 

I prep to start the next 90-minute massage session. I grab all my oils and put it in the basket. Massage my own hands. Before my client enters, I text my man. 

“I can’t wait to see you tonight.” 

There’s a knock at my door. Kourt says, “the room is ready.”

“I’ll be right there.” I check my phone. No messages. I walk out the room, grabbing hot towels and a bucket on the way. 

Owning Lotus Spa and Sauna doesn’t mean I have to work onsite, but I prefer to work hands on. 

I take a deep breath. The worksheet read Keith Washington. I haven’t seen him in 2 years. We never dated, but our chemistry never goes unmatched no matter how long we’ve been apart. Why so long? Because I’m in a relationship with Maverick. I became one of those girls who decided to focus on what’s in front of her. 

A half-truth. The real deal is… I’m in love with Keith. I knew it from the first day I laid eyes on him. If you ask me, I would have worked it out with him for the long haul. I wasn’t sure he felt the same way about me until almost a year into my current relationship. 

But hold up! I’m not going to sit in a pity party. Keith has a relationship of his own, which they looked very happy until I saw his status change to “It’s complicated.” Not a man of many words, when asked about it, he says it’s all good. 

I can only look at my own life and ask what the hell am I doing? Maverick isn’t a terrible man; I just know we aren’t meant for each other. While the sex is amazing, our souls just don’t align. He’s cute, funny, charming and thoughtful. So why do I have this feeling to not want to be with him? Because my heart just knows it was made for Keith. 

Seeing Keith in my place of business, is shocking. Last year, we spent the entire time texting and calling frequently. Innocent conversations, at best, and when our partners aren’t around we throw in a few flirty jabs. Through the calls I can feel our attraction increasing. 

There’s that hopeless romantic side of me battling the need to explore it. But as a woman, I have to uphold my class and let him make the first move. Maybe this is a start.

Before opening, the door. I whisper, “You got this Chelley.” 

I see Keith, long, built, chocolate body plastered on the massage bed. The towel is covering his lower half. I place the items down. 

Unsure if he knows I’m the host tonight, I clear my throat.

He keeps his head laying down. “Welcome, miss. Trust me, I need this today.” 

I close my eyes. I begin by touching his broad shoulders. Then I work my hands down his back. A visual of him being flipped around and me climbing on top enters my mind. I chew on my bottom lip and refocus on the massage. I work my way down to his thighs, and rub his feet.

Keith moans and I’m turned on. When I work my way to his neck, I lower my head toward his ear and say, “Hi Keith.” 

He lifts his head up instantly. He smiles. “Damn. Hello Michelle!” He licks his lips. “I see why you are the owner. Besides your technical skills.” 

I laugh, blushing. “Uh, Thanks.” 

“How you been? You good?” 

“Yeah. I guess I’m alright. You?”

“I’m good. Especially after that neck massage. Shit. I had a tense headache but it’s gone now.” 

“Happy to help.” I realize I’m still a little too close. So I move two steps back. 

He says, “Nah. Come closer girl. I like you up in my space. Could you massage my 6-pack too?” 

Is he joking? 

“Of course. Any extra services–” 

“Will go on my tab. I know how it works.” He interrupts me. 

“Boy stop playing! You came to see me for a reason. What’s up?” 

“Nothing, just wanted to see you. Is that bad? You know you miss me. I miss you too.” 

He reaches for my hand. I’m hesitant, but I fall for it. 

Locked hand in hand, it feels right.

“I miss you Keith. What are we doing?” 

“You’re working and I’m getting a massage. Like whatever do you mean?” He jokes. 

“Smart ass!” 

“I’m just teasing. I think I need to take you out on a date. My treat. We have some holes to fill. Plus, you could use some fun.” 

“I don’t know Keith. This is all so sudden.”

“Michelle, I know. I just can’t risk losing you again. One dinner. Promise.” 

“Fine. Let me check my schedule.” My cheeks are getting hot. There are butterflies in my stomach.

“Okay no problem. How are things with Maverick? Last Question then you have more service to do.” He winks. 

I smile. Then I roll my eyes. “He’s okay. Us? Ain’t got time for that story. Something just not sitting right with me. What about you and Bethany?” 

“We’re in a lovers quarrel. Arguing for no reason. Taking it a day at a time.” 

“That’s the worst. Alright come on let me finish up here.” I change the subject before it gets too sensitive in here. He is staring at me with true passion. 

He lays down on his back. Soon as I place my hands on his chest, he says, “Come sit on top of me girl.” 

I laugh, nervously. “I will not! This is a place of business.” 

He removes the towel. “Look, I think I need service right here too.” He points to his hard, long member.

I grab the towel and cover his dick back up. “Keith, I’m not doing this with you!” I massage his chest. His hands are on top of mine, easing me to touch his dick. As much as I don’t want to, I allow it. After all, I am curious. 

His eyes lower as I “massage” his dick. He says, “Michelle baby. Come here.” With my face now up in his, he kisses me, while his hands grip my waist. Deep, tongue throwing kisses builds the heat in the room. Just as the lust is about to embody me, Kourtney knocks and says, “Hey girl. Your next appointment is here! We’re kind of busy today.” 

Shit! Saved by the job! 


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