Morning Humor*

I’m a Virgin

Lol NOT.

But just recently came across this on an author takeover.

Already talked about this on IG but briefly because I like to keep my author profile as clean as possible. It was too funny though.

In my author takeover I asked “What’s your favorite place to have s*x?”

Yes, I expected spicy responses. I didn’t get enough of them. I wanted 100’s of comments!

I got some responses from women. Then this one boy?? Young man?? Responded

“I’m a virgin”

Now I wanted to put the laugh emoji but I said let me be kind. I put shock emoji to his comment instead.

I’m GROWN. I haven’t spoke to anyone that’s in the baby phase… ever. I assume he’s young young because of his response.

Am I flattered? No. Mostly grossed out. That’s y he got blocked.

Then his low self esteem boosted with him saying no one wants to be his gf and I’m trying to keep it cordial. I’m like you’ll find someone one day.

Then he asked “Can you be my gf”

I laughed. Told him I’m a grown woman with kids and a man.


To say, “Age doesn’t matter.”


And if he did, NOPE. I’m good.

Even if I were to risk what I got going on, let me tell you…

Wouldn’t be with no virgin!

I like my 


 experienced!! Lol

At my big age (32), I’m not going to go backwards by starting with a newbie. I am DONE TEACHING MEN TO BE MEN OR BOYS TO BE MEN.

Except for my son, he’s only 4.5 yrs old. He has a long way to go.

Otherwise, go find you another virgin partner! I cannot deal.

If you have any self-esteem with your appearance, then no one can fix that.

I thought once someone said they have kids and a man that meant off limits….

It is too early for this lol

I remember that time I was a virgin. Lol what a moment! Things that came after though…thumbs down lol

Serious moment. I had trauma after my 1st time, and it wasn’t with my virgin snatcher. It was with my mom’s boyfrined at the time. It’ll be in my memoir one day! Not going to get deep here.

I wouldn’t knock anyone for holding back. Hold it for your soulmate if possible. My goodness.

I think it’s rude to just expect so much when you do not know a person. Like I’m just going to say yes.

This isn’t a goddamn rom com movie. If life was a movie, I’d do a lot of things differently.

Tell me your stories!

Check out my books! 

Thank you for reading my rant!


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