Creative Brain Cells Unite!

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Whoa! Award overload! 😀 These last couple of weeks have been sooooo amazing! Thank you to everyone that believes in me. Seriously! *(I probably can never be one of those Oscar winners because I would freeze on stage! lol)

For now, *celebratory dance (also known as the Shmoney dance)*

Hehe, Btw You will never see me do this in person! 😀

So I was nominated for the Creative Blogger Award & The Liebster Award from the wonderful LilRant!  

Please check out her blog, she has great thoughts and an awesome personality! 🙂

5 Random Facts About Me! 

1. I Love Cheese Puffs. Cheetos give me life every time!

2. I love the smell of books! There’s just something about a good bookstore….

3. I love the Bath and Body works products. Sales get me in there quick!

4.I love to make birthday cards for people. I like to use my creativity!

5. I love giving well deserved compliments. It makes people’s days!

Her questions:

1. How long have you been blogging, and what’s your favorite part about it?

I have been blogging since the end of January. My favorite part about it is the courage I get to write what I want/feel without being judged by anyone! 

2. Do you like wearing sneakers?

I love wearing sneakers. They are so comfy. 

3. What inspired the name of your blog?

I was thinking about what would be a catchy yet “true story” blog name. I wanted something different. So I stumbled across this saying from one of my favorite artists (Tamar Braxton) and it rang a bell! I keep it 100% real, no filter, sorry if you feel a type-of-way kind of posts (not you as in pointing the finger! You as in speaking generally!) 

4. Do you think love is over-rated?

Yes I do think love is over-rated all the time. Then I fall and can’t understand why. hehe 

5. If you happened to get stuck in the elevator, how would you deal?

I would freak out because I’m a lil claustrophobic! Then press that emergency button because I need to get out! 

6. What would your dream job be?

Dream job? Ooohh! At a desk, any attire I please, as an editor of either my own build up company or a famous publishing company. 

7. Which celebrity would you totally date?

Hmmm….I’ve got many choices! I would have to go with August Alsina! Even though he’s going blind. Poor thing! Sexy man though! 🙂 😉 

8. What’s your favorite part about travel?

Favorite part about travel would have to be the experience of being somewhere new. I don’t know anybody or anyplace. Yay Adventure! 🙂 

9. Do you believe in watching calories?

I do not believe in watching calories! Bring on all the pizza, all the ice cream and all the french fries with cheese all over! 

10. What kind of people annoy you the most?

 Obnoxious and prudish people annoy me the most. Life is rough, yes! But you don’t always have to be so mean! 

My Questions: 

1. What is your wake up song (if you don’t have one, what would be)?

2. If you can be in one classic scary movie, which one would it be and what would be your smartest hiding spot?

3. You stumbled upon favorite 90’s TV show. You are invited to be a study for one of the characters. Which one would you choose? What drew you to that specific person/thing?

4. What is your top go to foods that make you feel happy and guilty all at once?

5. You are stuck in a new city, or a new country for a week. What do you have with you to make it a great time?

6. What’s your biggest obsession?

7. In your area, where’s the best place to go to lunch?

8. If you had one chance to change your entire wardrobe, would you call a celebrity specialist or take the $10,000 gift card?

9. What is your best casual outfit to wear with friends, to a bar, to parties?

10. If you could switch places with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?

Rule for Creative Blogger Award:

Post 5 random facts about ourselves and nominate others. 

The rules for Liebster:

1. Make a post thanking and linking the person who nominated you.
2. Include the Liebster Award sticker in the post.
3. Nominate 10 other bloggers who you feel are worthy of this award.
4. Answer the ten questions asked to you by the person who nominated you, and make ten questions of your own for your nominees.
5. Copy these rules in the post.

And the nominees are:

I look forward to your answers! 🙂

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20 thoughts on “Creative Brain Cells Unite!

  1. Thanks for nominating me, Karen! I’ve already been nominated for both awards, but I will post a few of my responses to your questions down below. 🙂

    4. What is your top go to foods that make you feel happy and guilty all at once? Pasta, anything sweet. Really, it’s bad… 😛

    5. You are stuck in a new city, or a new country for a week. What do you have with you to make it a great time? Couldn’t choose, but the two things I would have with me at all times are 1) some means of transportation (e.g. car, bike, metro tickets, depending on the city/country), and 2) a camera-phone to capture the memories. 🙂

    7. In your area, where’s the best place to go to lunch? There’s this restaurant near one of the local libraries that serves the most amazing Mediterranean cuisine ever! Granted, not cheap, but it’s damn good. 😛

    8. If you had one chance to change your entire wardrobe, would you call a celebrity specialist or take the $10,000 gift card? $10,000 gift card, for sure!

    9. What is your best casual outfit to wear with friends, to a bar, to parties? I usually would go in black jeans and a T-shirt with some quirky logo/image/quote on it. Perhaps add a cardigan, if chilly. Nothing too fancy.

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  2. 1. I don’t have a wake up song (yet), but let’s go with Stomp by The Roots. Why? I don’t know.
    2. I would be in The Shining. Takes place in an empty hotel. There has to be at least one room that I won’t be found in.
    3. Can it be a cartoon? I’m gonna pick a cartoon. Scooby Doo. And I’d me Scooby Doo. He gets Scooby snacks when he does something good, no one else on the show does.
    4. Pizza. Always.
    5. A map. So I can figure out where to go and have a good time at those places.
    6. Biggest obsession is sports.
    7. Italian buffets.
    8. Take the gift card for sure! The celebrity specialist would dress me how they want me to dress. With the gift card I dress how I want to dress.
    9. Jeans, buttoned up plaid shirt.
    10. I would switch places with Jimmy Kimmel. He has a TV show and the same sense of humour as me.

    Thanks again for the nominations!

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    • Yesss! I loveee your answers especially an italian buffet! 😀 I am a huge pizza fan too, I can eat pizza every day. Thank you for your terrific answers! Btw I nominated you because you’re so great, like Jimmy Kimmel 🙂


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  4. Going to answer these questions ….

    1. Tightrope by Janelle Monae
    2. Scream. My favorite hiding spot would be inside the actual costume, if you get what I mean.
    3. I hope you don’t mind me pick a show from the 2000’s. I would choose Monk. What drews me to that show is because he has OCD like me and his deduction powers. And I can relate to his quirks and weirdness.
    4. Chilli Cheese Fries from Huey’s.
    5. I would like to be stuck in California. I been before. What would I have with me to make it a great time? Definitely not my cousin. All I would need is money. I mean, am I right? You can’t have too much fun without it. I would have at least a 100K with me so I can shop (buy some more Hugo Boss shades).
    6. Conquering my mind.
    7. To me, Huey’s. If you would have said breakfast I would say Shoneys.
    8. 10K gift card. I don’t need no freaking stylist.
    9. Blue jeans; a startup t-shirt; boat shoes; Nike boots.
    10. Janelle Monae or Santigold. Why? I adore their artistry and creativity. That’s not a solid answer but I really like them and would love to hear whats going on in their head when they’re making a song. Coldplay too.

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