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Creative Brain Cells Unite!

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Whoa! Award overload! 😀 These last couple of weeks have been sooooo amazing! Thank you to everyone that believes in me. Seriously! *(I probably can never be one of those Oscar winners because I would freeze on stage! lol)

For now, *celebratory dance (also known as the Shmoney dance)*

Hehe, Btw You will never see me do this in person! 😀

So I was nominated for the Creative Blogger Award & The Liebster Award from the wonderful LilRant!


Please check out her blog, she has great thoughts and an awesome personality! 🙂

5 Random Facts About Me! 

1. I Love Cheese Puffs. Cheetos give me life every time!

2. I love the smell of books! There’s just something about a good bookstore…. Continue reading