It’s Teacher Appreciation Week! Hug One? Show Them You Do Care! :)

Yay! It’s Teacher Appreciation Week and as the official day approaches (Tuesday is appreciation day) I must provide a letter to all the lovely teachers/professors that helped me become the educated and well written writer I am today!

So share your Cinco de Mayo with the teachers! 😀

Here’s the History behind it all from Hallmark for more information:

Dearest Teachers:

I remember the first time I cracked open a book and thought this shouldn’t be hard. The first time we had group readings and I was proud to be one of the few to read to myself, the group and out loud. While my childhood is fading as I grow up, I know that I had some pretty awesome teachers.

I had some favorites from 2nd to 5th grade. You were more than teachers then, you were providers of the learning system. You found a way to creatively shape the education system into something fun. I admired the journals which turned into my own journals at home piling up with my mother asking me “Is that necessary?”

On the topic of writing, Thank you for teaching me how to write script. I don’t see that anymore in 2015 and I am grateful I learned as for a while that’s all I wrote in for an entire grade until I was sick of it. (Hehe)

To the teachers that gave spelling 10x each and sentences, I appreciate you! It is you who made me the grammar-nazi and proofreader I am today! My friends hate when I do that! Haha

While I hated Math and still do, it was a subject I couldn’t pass off until after my Freshman year of college. I always understood the counting money portion, but not the rest of it. I always said to myself as I did homework, “Will this even be useful in 20 years?” I am in my 20’s and I still don’t see how statistics and quadratic equations are useful! But Thank you anyway for always making math as engaging as it can be because it is such a boring topic.

I guess I should say Thank you right now! Thank you for all the pressure on reading more as it helps with comprehension and living your daily life. Let’s not forget it prepares you for all the reading for college. Oh My! I was not prepared for all the coursework.

I think my best years was in Junior High well up into my last year of High School. I’ve made some cool friends and we shared the same classes. Teachers made sure school wasn’t dictated. It was there for growing human beings to learn about the standard curriculum ELA, History, Fitness, Social Studies and more.

Thank you to all the professors that seen me cry over the stress I’ve endured during the semester. Thank you for listening and offering your sweet advice. Thank you for all those extended deadlines since everyone had all assignments due at the same time. Thank you for those office hours that I utilized all the time for extra credit, advice, help on a project and just to stop in and say hi.

Thank you to that one teacher who was my first male mentor that encouraged me each day that I had nothing to worry about. Thank you again for all the hours I spent sitting in your office venting to you about all my personal life as if you had nothing else to do. You wasn’t a counselor but you counseled me to happiness and success knowing that there are people who can stop most of their entire day to sit and listen.

Thank you to all teachers for showing up everyday and putting up with all the students. That includes the substitutes as well because they didn’t have to be there that one day the teacher needed a day off from the kids. Thank you to the BOE for the parent-teacher conferences because without them, parents wouldn’t make the effort to see how their child is doing in school.

I hope all teachers have a wonderful week!

Love always,

Me! 🙂


I’m into poems and I thought this one was just so cute! Am I the only one who ever done something like this? I used to love doing these! (This is not mine, but I’m sure you did a poem just like it?)

3 thoughts on “It’s Teacher Appreciation Week! Hug One? Show Them You Do Care! :)

  1. I’m a few days late, but shout outs to the teachers that are still passionate about what they do. I must say when I was growing up I had a few teachers that were truly invested in my future; not like a lot of these teachers today. Some of them these days have lost touch with what it means to be a teacher, some are only in it for the pay and benefit, some only pretend to care about the kids to sound good, and some just don’t care period. So salute to the real teachers that go hard for education because our kids today truly need it.

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