Friday Fry-day (Friday School Day 7)

Pierre started off his Friday morning just like last Friday. He went to school and this time his focus was art class. He was reluctant to draw because he didn’t draw that good. He peeked at Nicole’s art work and realized she could draw WAY better than him. He had evidence that he was a bad drawer. It didn’t matter either way because his true talent was in spelling.

Pierre headed off to Science. In class they had to mix chemicals in the right way to make an explosion. It had to be mediocre. He did it successfully. The science teacher thought that he was brilliant.

The bell rung and it was time for ELA. They had a spelling test. Pierre’s mind was distracted. He couldn’t get over the spelling bee with Ashley. She was sitting two rows in front of him.

On the test, he wasn’t sure if “truancy” was spelled with an a or an e. His mind told him it was spelled “T-R-U-E-N-C-Y.” When the teacher reviewed the quiz out loud, he got it wrong. He shouldn’t have stayed up playing video games last night. He should have studied the word better when he was with Larry. Misspelling words crushed his confidence. His biggest distraction was the growling of his stomach.

Pierre couldn’t wait to go to lunch. He say with Larry and Nicole. As he inhaled his pepperoni pizza, Nicole asked, “Do you have the decency to show up to my place of residence after school?!” She smirked. Pierre chewed his food and said, “Sure why not babe.” Then he dug into the salad that was on the side. Larry and Nicole were talking about TV shows. Pierre wanted to chime in about the latest Catfish episode but he was seriously hungry. He just nodded his head every time Nicole glanced over at him.

After lunch, came recess. They all played tag. It was a fun 30 minutes.

Pierre headed to Cook-shop afterward. As if he needed to eat more food. They had to make fried chicken. His teacher told that his chicken tasted excellent. Pierre brushed the dirt off his shoulder. However, while the chicken was on point, his cookies were decent. Pierre learned how to cook from his mom, but she hasn’t taught him how to bake just yet. He knew it was “Fryday” but his reluctance to just sit in silence as an occupant just didn’t suit him. Just then Pierre knew he had to sing his song to give life to the class. Pierre didn’t give a warning this time. He just said, “In cook-shop being truant, on a Friday; still filled with brilliance and excellence cause it’s Fry-day.” His cook-shop teacher knew it was only a matter of time before the song approached his classroom.

Pierre’s rest of the day was filled with paying attention in classes so he can be prepared for homework. He was also trying to find out when he will see Ashley again so that way he can answer her question. But he couldn’t ponder too long as he had to head home to get ready to go to Nicole’s house.

Pierre headed straight to his bedroom to change clothes into something nicer. He ran into his cousin and briefly said hi to her as he rushed out the door. When he got to Nicole’s house, she let him in. Pierre told her, “Nice occupancy. Your family are great residents. You take care of the inside and the outside.” Nicole blushed and said, “Thanks. Nice fragrance on you.” Pierre hugged her, but he hadn’t realized his cousin’s perfume had rubbed off on him when he saw her at his house. It was evident that he was confident around Nicole. Pierre thought about her expressions when she told him “nice fragrance.” He must have been thinking too long because she was now trying to get his attention. He realized she was attracted to him.

Who knows what will happen next?

To Be Continued……

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