Monday My-Day (Friday School Day 10)

Pierre woke up feeling fantastic because it was his birthday. Unfortunately, he had to go to school. As he got ready, he couldn’t help himself as he was curious about what Nicole got him for his birthday. He wondered how specific she’ll be. He questioned if it would be scientific or a signature of Ross Lynch. Ross Lynch was his idol as he is ambitious in his career and his cool posture gets him the ladies.

Larry and their parents said “Happy Birthdayyy!” to Pierre. They took pictures together as well. After the fun moments before school, Pierre and Larry headed out the door. Pierre knocked on Nicole’s door, but found out she wasn’t home. Pierre thought she might have just left early. But why? That made Pierre kind of nervous.

At school, the principal called Pierre to the science hall. When he went inside, everybody said “SURPRISE!! HAPPYY BIRTHDAYYY PIERRE!” He said, “Thank you all so much man!!” Everyone approached him individually then. In came Nicole with a surprise so everyone shouted, “TURN AROUND!!!” Pierre turned around and realized that someone was standing behind him. When he looked up, he saw Ross Lynch.

Ross said, “Sup dude. Happy Birthday.” Then he grabbed his mic and started to sing Pierre’s favorite song “Upside Down” which was written and created by Ross himself. After the performance, Nicole popped up and said, “Hey Pierre. Happy Birthday!” She smiled. Pierre said, “Nicole! You did this?!!” She hugged him and said in his ear, “Of course! I had to make sure you had the best birthday everrrrr!” He said “Thank you so much babe. You are so precious” as he hugged her deeply. She blushed instantly and said, “That’s not all.” She turned around and said, “Bring it out boys!” Larry and Spen walked in carrying a cake that had a picture of Pierre split with a picture of Ross that said at top “BOOM” and at the bottom “BABY.” The cake was gigantic. There was definitely more than enough to share with the class and to take home to his parents.

Pierre was excited. He told Nicole, “You’re so generous.” She waved for everyone to crowd around Pierre to sing “Happy Birthday.” Nicole made eye contact with Pierre and winked. Then Pierre knew it was time for his song. Today it went like this: “In the school being cool, cuz it’s My-day; With Nicole celebrating cuz it’s My-day.” Then his parents walked in applauding him. Pierre was surprised to see them and at the fact that they enjoyed his song. They are not used to today’s culture of music.

His mom said, “Time for opening presents!” Pierre said, “One sec. I have to tell Nicole something.” He walked over to Nicole and interrupted her conversation with Parker to tell her, “This has been such a romantic day so far. I appreciate it.” He kissed her on the cheek. She felt faint after that. Her cheeks were burning. Parker was instantly jealous. 

Parker started having dangerous thoughts about fracturing their relationship. He could do something very tragic. Parker knew he couldn’t do anything yet because the principal was there and he could get put in detention. He just told Pierre instead, “I hope you are having fun” in his conniving voice. Before Pierre could respond, Parker stormed away and said to himself, “because the fun is about to end real soon.” Pierre put his arm around Nicole and said, “Did you see that? Oh well. It’s time to open presents.”

Together, they strolled over to his parents with his arm still around her. For the rest of the day Pierre couldn’t take the teachers’ lectures serious. Science class was all he could think about….especially Nicole. Nicole thought about him as well because in art class she made him a sculpture of them dancing under the moonlight. She was gradually becoming the best girlfriend he’s ever had.

To Be Continued………….

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