Tuesday Amuse-Day (Friday School Day 5)

Pierre and Larry were getting ready for school just as their mom called them into her room. She told them there was no school today due to the chances of a blizzard in tow. Pierre and Larry figured she would let them go to the movies as long as they dress warm. She let them go, assuring they will make it back safe.

At the movies, the guys chose to watch “Selma.” During the movie, they guys learned how the marchers cultivated for the march. The marchers were filled with gratitude, but were also very rampant.The boys realized that he marchers were trying their best to stay true to their heritage. People in legislatures, their homes, etc. were watching and thought they were being rebellions. The marchers had a contradiction about not being judged by their complexion.They were merely not intimidated. The cops tried to abolish the marchers. The march was intentional, but the marchers were there for only one specific reason, to get freedom.

When the movie finished Pierre and Larry went to the arcade to play games. The arcade looked like a convention. The guys played laser tag and Larry lost. Larry was underestimated his bro. It was a 1 on 1 game! Everyone in view tallied their score. Pierre ran out of coins so he convinced Larry to loan him the last of his. This time they played Mortal Kombat. Everyone made nominations for a new team leader. Pierre won again. Pierre found it ironic how someone so young could beat the older kids so easily.

Pierre was having too much fun and figured it was the perfect time to sing his song: “In the arcade beating Larry on a Tuesday; Took his coins and his prizes cause’ it’s Tuesday.” Everyone in the arcade stopped, cheered and shouted. One boy said, “That….was….the….BEST SONG EVER!!” Everyone chuckled. It looked like game time was over after that as their mom came to recollect them because of how dark it was outside.

To Be Continued…..

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Amuse-Day (Friday School Day 5)

  1. I swear these spelling stories get more interesting as they go along. 🙂
    Also is it just me or are today spelling words getting more advanced? Its a great thing though, these kids today need to be in the 5 grade on a 12th grade Reading/Writing/Math/Science comprehension level. #EducationRocks!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha yeah they are pretty dope. I’m happy I could help her.
      Yes! I had easy words when I was her age, she gets hard words now lol It’s good that they are challenging her mind tho. 🙂


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