Saturday Matter-Day (Friday School Day 8)

As Pierre walked to the park, he couldn’t take his mind off the fact that Nicole likes him. When he arrived at the park, he didn’t want to see visible to Nicole. Pierre tried his best not to be noticeable. He is growing a crush on her. Nicole is capable of being delicate and sensible. She wears her heart on her sleeve. The further he walked into the park, the more her lovely voice became audible.

He approached her and overheard the middle of a sad story. She was saying, “I had a horrible and miserable morning. My parents were arguing and my dad walked out saying he’ll be back. I couldn’t get my hair to stay straight on my face as I attempted to hide my tears. My mom saw them and instantly issued a hug.” Nicole looked at Pierre and he gave her a long sympathetic hug.

Pierre told her, “Don’t worry. I will make the rest of your day enjoyable.” She really appreciated his kind gestures. Nicole didn’t want to appear desperate so she concealed her excitement. She turned her head from him, smiled and whispered “YES!”

He grabbed her hand and told her, “Let’s go play Basketball.” She nodded and then followed him. Pierre let Nicole win the last two rounds out of 3 to cheer her up. He felt responsible  for having Nicole celebrate her new found happiness with him. He has to cooperate  because he is considerate of their valuable and incredible friendship.

Nicole nudged him and gave him a cheese smile. She knew what he was up to. Pierre realized then just based on the look in her eyes that she believes that their friendship matters. Once basketball was over, they played a buried treasure hunt game. It was to find the washable items throughout the scenery.

Pierre rolled out his favorite song. Nicole stopped searching to listen. Pierre said, “In the park playing with Nicole on a Saturday; Realizing friendship matters cause it’s Matter-Day!” Nicole smiled and started daydreaming. Pierre glanced at her and was fortunate because he likes her too. Even more than he does Ashley. It will be really sad when they graduate.

To Be Continued……..

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