Tuesday Shoes-Day (Friday School Day 11)

Pierre woke up feeling refreshed. He didn’t know why but he felt like something good was coming. Just as he stretched, his mom knocked on the door. She said, “Hey sweetie. I forgot to give these to you with the other presents you received at the big school party.” She smiled.

Pierre wanted to jump up excitedly, but Larry was sleeping peacefully.

He did throw the covers off though and gave her a hug. He said, “Thank you mom!” It appears that he was too loud as he woke Larry up. Pierre instantly hid the shoes. He waved to Larry and said, “Uhh hey Larry….my bad bro. I forgot you were still there.” Then he laughed.

Larry felt as if Pierre was being enigmatic. He was acting very different and on purpose. Larry was about to question him, when his mom and Pierre shouted “Happy Birthday!!” He blinked. If he wasn’t before, he sure was awake now.

Their mom told them breakfast is ready and it is Larry’s favorite meal: bacon, cheesy grits, scrambled eggs, waffles and hash browns. The boys scampered down the stairs.

As they were wrapping up breakfast, they shouted “Thanks mom!” Their mouths were still full as they exited the door to head to school.

On the walk to school, Pierre was curious. He walked half a block and Nicole is no where to be found. The brothers walk pass girls that blush at the sight of them. Pierre ignores them as he only has eyes for his girlfriend. He wonders where she could be. The more in thought Pierre gets, Larry snaps his figures at him to get his attention.

Pierre slipped on his new pair of sneakers before he left the house and hoped Larry wouldn’t notice. Larry asked,”Did you get….a new…pair of…..pants?” Pierre tried to play it off by saying, “Yes I did.” Larry high-fived him. Pierre wiped the sweat off his head and wondered how long before his brother noticed he got new sneakers on his born day.

In school, the boys greeted their friends. Pierre hugged and kissed Nicole. He missed her. Pierre realized Parker was acting weird. He was a madcap. He tried not to be noticeable. Nicole even saw that his behavior was aggressive. Parker looked a bit lucid. He was growling and making angry faces at Pierre and Nicole.

Pierre couldn’t decipher if Parker was having a bad day or if that’s who he really was. Pierre grabbed Nicole’s hand and said, “Come on. Let’s get you away from him and go to class.” Larry followed behind them.

They all went to gym class. When Pierre changed his clothes, he realized his sneakers were stolen! He knew there was only one person that could have done it. Parker is an abomination. He’s too severe with his actions. Parker has been a hypocrite this whole time. He said he could never cause anymore problems in Pierre and Nicole’s relationship.

Pierre was furious. He ran out of the locker room and told Nicole. She found Parker and slapped him. Parker doesn’t hit girls so he became exodus before anyone did anything. For the rest of the day, Pierre was full of grief. He just got those!! Larry ran to catch up to Parker. Parker must have been hiding after that slap because he couldn’t be found all day.

Pierre knows his mom doesn’t have the receipt.Nicole told him to meet her at her house after school.

After everyone got their homework, they headed to Nicole’s house. Nicole opened the door and told Pierre and Larry to come in. She immediately hands Pierre a box. He opened it and saw his sneakers.

She said, “My parents livelihood can afford them so I wanted to compensate for Parker’s stupid error. Pierre said, “Thank you so much!!” His face lit up. Pierre hugged her balmy body. Then they kissed deeply. Her compassion shows great morale. This affection is too elaborate. Their liason is perfect!

To Be Continued……

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