Thursday Words-Day (Friday School Day 6)

It was 11:00 am which was occupied by 5th period. Pierre was on his way to ELA. He was excited because they were going to have a spelling bee and he was certain that he was going to win. A group of kids were walking down the hall when one girl stopped Pierre. She said, “Why do you look so proud? It’s not like you’re gonna win the class spelling bee.” Pierre told her, “Stop being a pessimist.” Then he walked away before he said anything else. As he approached class, a huge smile was plastered on his face.

When Pierre got to his class, he saw all of his friends studying for the competition. When his teacher gave out numbers for the turns of the students, Pierre realized that he was number 10. He figured that wouldn’t be so bad as he can watch all the losers get out of the way first. As the spelling be came to a close, he was a finalist along with the girl that approached him earlier. She stuck her tongue out at him. Pierre laughed and thought As if she is going to beat me! He was confident in himself that he would be a final contestant before the spelling bee started. He just didn’t think she would be too. Pierre found out her name is Ashley. He checked her name tag. Somehow she has always been in class, but maybe too shy to speak until today.

The teacher gave them their last word. It was “Reversible.” Ashley asked for the word in a sentence. Their teacher said, “Sure. The sentence is: My blanket is reversible.” Ashley thought she had this one in the bag. She said, “Reversible. R-E-V-E-R-S-A-B-L-E. Reversible.” Everyone in the class gasped. Pierre laughed. The teacher said, “I’m sorry Ashley. That was sooo close!.” It was then Pierre’s turn. All his friends cheered him on. Once the class was settled Pierre said, “Reversible. R-E-V-E-R-S-I-B-L-E. As in Ashley, sorry but your ego is not reversible.” The class laughed. Even the teacher smirked at his quirkiness.

So as it is obvious, Pierre won the trophy.It is now a collectible. His friends find him honorable. They all thought his personality was just radiant. Sometimes they wonder how they are friends with such a bold character such as him. His teacher stepped up to him and told him, “You’re so observant with an absorbent mind for words. Good job and Congratulations.” Pierre winked at her for his smooth patriotism.

Pierre found he was well quipped for a song at this moment. Pierre cleared his throat and said, “Ladies and gentlemen. Hear me out….In a class spelling bee, on a Thursday; Spelling all the words right cause it’s Thursday.” Everyone in the class found this song laughable. Ashley rolled her eyes.

Pierre noticed and told her, “If you become my friend, you’ll get much more of that because I sing that song frequently, but in different ways.” Then he touched her chin and walked over to his friends. She quickly followed him and with hot red cheeks she said, “I’m sorry I picked on you before. Do you want to be my friend?” Just as Pierre was going to answer, Larry came by his class for an emergency.

Larry said that it was urgent. He was very insistent that Pierre follows him. Pierre gave Ashley an “I’m sorry this will be continued look” as he quickly exited. There was a journalist outside to interview Pierre for his wonderful song that went viral. She was a journalism major at NYU. She worked at the Daily News. Her optimism made him comfortable enough to share his story. She was also a novelist. She told him, “I will ask your parents if I can write a biography about you. Is that alright?” He smirked and told her, “Yeah that’s cool.”

As fast as the day started, it ended. Pierre went home and placed his trophy on his new vacant trophy case. He made sure it was up high and out of the way from other things because he knew it would be terrible if it broke.

To Be Continued……..

6 thoughts on “Thursday Words-Day (Friday School Day 6)

  1. LOL 🙂 I swear as these school days go on Pierre just gets cockier and cockier. LOL He reminds me of me in my Elementary days lol, but his ego might just be a bit more big headed than mines was back then. Nice post, and this might sound like cliche by now but congrats on the Award; (Encouraging Thunder Award) I swear you win/get nominated for more awards then I have meetings within a month. LOL 🙂 Keep doing watcha ya doing Ms. Shade…I so proud of you! ❤ 😀 ❤ 🙂

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