Pump Your Brakes! You’re Moving Way Too Fast….

Why is it so 2015 to skip the taking it slow portion of everything?

The relationship, having sex…

2015 is almost over yet these tactics will continue in 2016.

I’ve witnessed people lack the chase of love, the thrill.

I’ve been snatched up by coincidence of a first time connection.


I thought that didn’t exist anymore.

It does. It is just harder to obtain, and if you have it then it’s harder to maintain.

No one goes on dates, serenades, give it time anymore.

I’m a HUGE fan of dates so if you think we’d be together and not go on dates even after the first year, you’re wrong.

On my new journey with my new bf I’ve been on more dates than I can count and that includes before we were serious….

Nothing is going to change really.

This isn’t about me though lol

But it is my blog 😛

Taking it slow in a relationship doesn’t have to be boring.

Take each other on dates, even if it’s small.
Spend time together be it playing games or cuddling.

A fresh relationship is tricky because some things are too fast and others are too slow.

Kissing should have happened already, but to each person sex takes a while to warm up to…

Kissing leads to sex…

Sex is definitely too early in a fresh relationship but it depends on you.

Most adults know what they want when they want it and it shouldn’t change the way you guys are if you happen to do it before the “90 day rule”

Don’t know what that is? There’s so many movies that could help you but I’m here soooo (lol) it is when you are supposed to wait 90 days before having sex with your partner.

Who has time for that these days?? That’s my point…

The older you get, the faster things get done.


Back to taking it slow….

Why is it that sexually taking it slow feels soooo awkward??? Like it’s never gonna happen.

Most men skip to the chase and in this case, where’s the foreplay? You get more out of it if you foreplay first. I’m not going to go into details but allllll of the foreplay counts including hand usage.


That’s all imma say about foreplay lol

Ohh how do I take things slow you ask? Or you thought?

Ummm if I’m honest, I don’t :P….

Well this one is at least on the fast track

But it’s super dope tho!

I’m share that story another time…


I used to go by the book and that ish just doesn’t work out.

For me, I must say.

Some worked temporary and others barely made it.

I’m an adult now so the things I tolerated then, I don’t now.

Now about taking it slow in life?

Know what you want out of it and embrace it.

As kids we rush to be adults but when it comes, we wish we were kids.

Weird cycle eh?

Is this a random post or nahhh??

Man! I guess I am just saying how I feel lol

In a nutshell, TAKE IT SLOW!

Get to know the person you’re with before it’s too late.

Be patient, observe and learn.

Know your worth and then understand your mate too, that’s how it lasts.

Sometimes not taking it slow messes up the relationship and it will forever be running on speed. Yes I just said that.


When was the last time you took it slow? Did you have to think about it? If so, when was the last time you went too fast on something? It doesn’t have to be a relationship, it can be anything. 

Been a while since I added a video soooo here goes a REAL Throwback Thursday!


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2 thoughts on “Pump Your Brakes! You’re Moving Way Too Fast….

  1. I agree with taking it slow in relationships, if you’re going to last, then you have all of the time ahead to enjoy everything that comes with it. I’ve been with my fiancé for 8 years this year and we’re still growing and laying foundations – and having dates! Date nights are special 🙂

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