Netflix Series: Dear White People 

Before I begin, you may not remember the movie, but I did my intake on Dear White People the movie and here’s that blog post: “Dear White People” Movie Review

Now evidently there’s a Netflix Series.

I found out about it from Facebook….it was trending like crazy and being that I saw the movie, I tuned into the show…..

ALL I can say is WOW!

It was just as good as the movie but even better and by the end I was ready for season 2!

The show is as similar to the movie as possible (only I believe it’s better acting)….

Apart of me feels like Sam (one of the main characters on the show) but only when she addresses stereotypes and defends her culture….

She is also half black and white and I am as well.

But I say I’m black, mostly because that’s how I was raised…

I’m sure Sam feels the say otherwise she wouldn’t join the BSU and have a radioshow hosting Dear White People.

I’ll start with a powerful quote from the show:

“Our Skin Color is NOT a Weapon, YOU DON’T have to be afraid of it”


I definitely love this quote! Simply because with all the violence that’s been going on and children dying by stereotype; I would have to say that many people feel threatened. Each melanin brother and sister come forth with a different personality, each stronger than the last.

When one cannot control matters into their own hands and cannot handle retaliation or rebel, they are quick to resort to violence.

But why?

Power control.

For instance,

In the show Reggie, a black college student was arguing with a white man over saying the N word and how if it’s in a song he shouldn’t say it…..

Etc, more issues built up and all of a sudden the cops were called… (later on viewers are shown that Sam’s bf — white guy– called the cops)

When the cops broke into the party, they headed straight for Reggie with their gun pointed immediately. Is that fair?!! NO!

He wasn’t the one that started it and why was he the only one at fault?

Possibly because he was black?


The gun was pointed while they asked him to show ID. So as he reached in his pocket, he told them he’s grabbing the wallet as a way to say “don’t shoot.”

Once the cop seen his ID, He dropped the gun and told everyone at the party to leave…

But hold up!

Why didn’t the other guy get checked the same way for the dispute?

I’ll tell you why….because society made the black race look like the problem starters…..

While on the party, I’ll say this:

The use of the N word coming from a different race does make things a little uncomfortable…..


Nigger is offensive vs Nigga which is not

The N word is the black community’s way of sayin “homie,” “homeboy,” “friend,” “calling someone out,” for example.

It isn’t used to be derogatory.

Moving on…..

There was also the Black Face Party on the show but I touched on that in the movie review. It was still as insane as the movie….

I was just shaking my head because I couldn’t believe it existed…

Shout out to the journalist in the movie for writing about it!

A black face party is offensive and no one would like if someone did that to their race.

Let’s flip to white privilege……

Brirfly, white people get away with a lot of things black people can’t…

Like no guns are pulled so quick on them..

Even being pulled over… many lives lost just for reaching in the glove compartment to grab license and registration!!!!

**Disclaimer: The following is not to offend anyone, it is to state one’s opinion, thoughts and feelings***

White privilege is:

White privilege (or white skin privilege) is a term for societal privileges that benefit whitepeople in western countries beyond what is commonly experienced by non-white people under the same social, political, or economic circumstances.

White people get hired faster, or chosen for an interview quicker

Any of the examples you can think of…

When I was at Iowa State, I witnessed how financial aid gave black students a hard time to get processed….


But white privilege is apart of society…..

The show just expressed it more.

Presential state votes white before black and the one chance at a black President and most people wanted him out!


Next up…..

Interracial dating…..

I LOVE it!


Not too many are seen, but I adore them.

Like Tamera and Adam Housley!

Whether it’s the white woman/black man or vice versa it’s a beautiful thing!

Most people have a problem with it because stereo-typically people want black people to date blacks only and whites date whites or Hispanics date Hispanics

With everything being normalized almost except racism as it still exists…I believe interracial dating should no longer be an issue!

In the movie Sam was dating Gabe -the white guy – and all her friends kept throwing subs as to what type of white person is he. Sam even threw banter at him when she called him a “Nigga” and laughed stating he can’t say it back.

Her friends felt like they had nothing in common due to different races….

Shame, but in a way true. But, relationships are made to make it work!


The Black students at Winchester U, got together for this show called “Deformationitis” which is no different from the black society today gathering in their homes for “Love and Hip Hop ATL/NY,” “Housewives of Atlanta,” “Empire,” “Star,” “Scandal,” “How To Get Away With Murder,” “Have and Have Nots,” “Power,” “If Loving You is Wrong,” and soooo much more!

And then there’s Black Twitter….

Where today’s black community Tweets about all the shows and fuck ups in celebrity world that keeps it trending.

That about wraps it up! The show ended with the Dean’s son breaking the window to the entrance of the school because he was locked out and got arrested…..

Season 2 please!!

Have you seen the show or movie by now? What are your feelings on the show? 

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