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Why Is Life Testing Me!??!

Que crazy face! 

Okay readers, 

I know beat me up because It has been a while since I posted. 

Let me give you a quickie before I post rants and other things I been holding back on due to my life….

So this is what I have been up to since my last post,

I didn’t quit that stupid job. 

Even though I should have because maybe my life could have been different. 

I worked and was still pregnant of course….

Until recently…..

Life CHANGED!  Continue reading


That Time I met the #1 Comedian In the World: Kevin Hart!! 

I watch all of his movies, see all of his comedy skits, follow him on Snapchat & Facebook….

Watch him Live all the time! 

Kevin Hart is a comedic in his own right and he does it effortlessly!

Okay I am not about to OD, but man I adore him!

Kevin Hart ❤ ❤ ❤ 

Chocolate Droppa! 




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Revamp this 2017!

Omgosh you don’t even understand how happy I am to see 2017!! 

So what I’m 4 month and some weeks late. 😛


I’m sure you seen this allll over social media but it was sooooo my life!

I talked a little or a lot about certain resolutions but chose to just let 2017 go with the flow.

I am aiming for better than last yr.

2016 flew by but also took me thru all hell!!

I am proud of who I’ve because I found the growth within me.

27 is reaching upon me shortly and I can only hope I get better with age!

But seriously, I need a redo!

2017 started with such a headache, all I wanted to do was press the rewind button Continue reading

Why Can’t I Just Run Away!?

I’m a runner.

Been running my whole life.

Just realized this in a discussion with my bf.

I can never sit still because I never had a moment to breathe.

I was the girl that ran away from home at age 15.

I was the girl that ran away from my mother’s constant anger at me but hanging with friends or my grandma.

I was the teenager sick and tired of her mother yelling at her because she felt like I am her since I look like her.

Running away became a habit………

I ran away from the pain and suffering of being a rape victim.

Ran away from the exes that cheated on me and didn’t love me. Continue reading

Friendship Denied!!

Ever feel deep down inside that everything around you is changing and you don’t know if it is a good thing or bad thing?


Something major was coming, yet you couldn’t put your finger on it……


Or eerily that you have a convo with someone that states being different to people in the new year and it seems like one of you might just be pulling the plug on the other without realizing it?

Also you had this same conversation with a previous friend who most definitely blocked you.

Well MY answer is YES!

I just experienced all of that.

I feel like this one friend was waiting for me to say something to her or waiting for the right moment to choose not to be friends with me….

And it was I that set it off…. Continue reading

Dear John? Dear Jane Rather….Well It’s Just Me!

Dear Me or Younger Self or Adolescent Girl or Dear Smiley (As You always smile):

First off, you still look the same. Same face, same hair. Only you dyed it a few times. You just know that beauty is skin deep.

Oh I don’t have anything bad to say, as things happen for a reason, so grab the popcorn as I tell you how much growth has happened. I’m so proud of you!

Now, Remember the time when you said “Hey I want to be published by 22?” Well that’s sort of true. Right? Right! You stumbled upon a student newspaper and an online magazine. That counts right? Oh even though you meant more along the lines of a published author. Well you wrote those articles therefore you ARE an author! :). Yeah you wanted a book with a huge book signing gig. You said 22 is the year! That was only at age 15. Right now 22 was a couple years ago.

You saw many horrible occurrences throughout your life and had no one to talk to about it. You grabbed that loose leaf paper and jotted down words that became dialogue and BAM! A story was born.

You set it aside because it was your best kept secret. You didn’t want family to see it. You read all the time as you were a bookworm so you knew just how to start your introduction. But you thought to yourself, would this sell? I have to be more convincing. You wrote a lot of this “memoir” during the summer when you had free time because it was High School and you did have a life.

Well I hate to break it to ya, it doesn’t exist today. The “memoir” I call it because it was very personal and very true to you, was just that….VERY PERSONAL! Some things that can get people in trouble. Plus, you shared that story so much that your friends helped you cope.

When you wasn’t building relationships with friends as you thought “this will be good for the book!” You were out in an actual relationship. You still say that about almost every situation.

As the years progress, things get challenging.

So you want to be an author eh? It’s a lot harder than it looks. You have to brand yourself, connect with authors and be patient! Remember when you had NO patience? My my! That changed. You’re so much more patient.  Continue reading