Secret Admirers: When do they become Stalkers?

Did anyone have a Valentine’s Day admirer? Someone you can guess for sure it is them? Did they leave gifts at your job or home? Was it cute/sweet or weird/creepy?

Does it occur every year? What changes?

Aside from V-Day, Do you have one everyday? Or do you do all the hard work?

All these questions are valid for this post! Lol 😀

If you’re anything like me, you’ve had secret admirers in school. Especially elementary school. Those valentine’s day cards always mean something when someone writes a little bit more than the standard greeting. That’s how you know who your secret admirer is. But what happens when it’s not exactly that way?

As you get older, the harder it is to pin point who is sending you flowers on Valentine’s Day, your Birthday, Christmas, Etc. At a college or a university there are so many options that it could be anyone. Unless it’s the girl or guy you had your eye on in class.

Secret Admirers used to be romanticized and a good thing. If a man had one, he would send flowers with a card that had sweet nothings on it. Or he would find what she valued the most and send it. These days, it can be a little weird. Love has gone from in person to online.

In today’s society, it is type stalker-ish! If your number is public like your Facebook profile, anyone can text you.

Or that one guy you met on a dating site now has your number and he turns out not to be so romantic, but you thought he was your secret admirer.

That girl you claimed wasn’t crazy, she actually is! And she follows your every move aside from Instagram. Yikes!

I prefer 90s way of showing affection, compared to 00s. I miss the hand written notes to that someone you found attractive PERSONALITY wise and not sexually. But things have since then changed.


Everyone Facebook messages and uses dating sites to meet people and talk to those they have interest in. Some people hide behind social media and refuse to be brave and show that one guy or girl they are into them. Most people wait until it’s too late.

What is the limit for being a Stalker after getting too close to the person you secretly admirer?


There are many ways to get creative to send your secret admirer gifts. There are e-cards, pen and paper, GIFS, phone calls, text messages, emails, pictures, hell even SNAPCHAT these days!

I believe that not everyone conforms to the recent way of connecting. I think boys/men and girls/woman respond differently when it comes to it. Nudes should only be sent if it won’t get you in trouble. Yes I said it! lol

I know some friends who act like this:


I also know some friends who would act like this when they receive an admirer:


Why do most secret admirers only use holidays and birthdays to be out and in the open? Do it twice a month! Innocently of course.

I follow a couple pages on Facebook and Twitter for admirers to post to the page for the person they saw that day. It may or may not be seen but at least you let your feelings go.It’s quite interesting and entertaining. I went to school at Iowa State and they have one on both. It will say something like

“To the girl in Econ101 who sat next to me with the blue scarf. I’d like to take you out sometime ;)”

– Is that good or bad?

I think it’s great! It’s a nice way to show appreciation. They only post positive posts! Now this is the right way to go 😉

If he/she has your address to your home and/or workplace without your permission, I think that’s a stalker and you should run or call for help!

Whether it is being given or received, have fun with it and think outside of the box. Not every admirer is a stalker, but based on how you move about it; you can become one!

If you are anti-secret admirer, how do you make them disappear? Have they?


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