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Come on Barbie Let’s Go Party!!!

I have another thrilling post for you gals! Sorry boys, this one may not be for you :P. (Or maybe it is?)

The blonde haired, blue eyed figure. 

She came as an athlete, a mother, a sister, a well known driver, pilot, doctor, dentist, hair stylist, housewife, replica of celebrities or collectibles and more if you will….

She was slim.

She was tall. 

She had curly hair, straight hair, long hair, thin hair. 

She had pink lips. 

She had the best fashion.

She ensured happiness to all little girls. 

Never letting them down. 

Inspired girls to want to look like her. 

Hell, adults had surgery to look like her and her boyfriend.

Ahh the boyfriend. Strong, chiseled. Light skin like she.

Blues eyes as she. Either fuzzy brown hair or blonde.

That’s right gals! I am talking about Barbie and Ken!!!!

Mostly Barbie in this post though!


*Ahem* Sorry childhood moment.

I miss my Barbies. I used to play with her all the time. Every weekend before I had any real friends, you could find me home creating stories for Barbies.

Maybe that is where my niche for writing came from. Hmmm….

My older brother even played with me.

It was fun.

I would make them go to college, high school, junior high…it varied upon age. I had a Volkswagen too…I really wanted that! Nothing else mattered for Christmas that day but that car for my dolls. Ahh, I miss it. 

Don’t you remember when they only cost $15 to $20?! Not $50 to $60!! That’s why I had sooo many! She was affordable. In 1960 she was only about $5. The jealousy! Lol

By 2000, she dumped Ken. Did the dolls teach girls to rely on a man? Perhaps it did if Barbie wasn’t single for a long time.  

I had all sorts of Barbies, Skipper, Theresa, Ken, Stacey, Kelly, and Tommy. Continue reading

I Wish I Were A Kid Again!

Ever sing the Toys “R” Us jingle when it came on TV?

“I don’t wanna grow up, I’m a Toys “R” Us kid”


I used to be that kid singing it as if I really could be a kid.

But now I am 26 and all I keep wanting to do is:


At life’s toughest choices. Being an adult is soooo hard! You have to take on many responsibilities such as paying your own bills and having a real job.

Then if you can’t find a job, it is even HARDER to find one.

Life’s cycle is ridiculous.  Continue reading

Damn! Why You Have to be so Petty?!

Petty Betty

Why is everyone so petty?

What is the definition of petty?

Urban Dictionary states:
A. “The act of doing or saying something that has little meaning/significance.”

B. “The state of “being” when one does something simply to annoy someone else”

C. “When someone takes a small subject and blows it out of proportion.

At times, making something otherwise insignificant into something bigger to suit their own agenda.”

……Aaannndddd I’m talking about all of those definitions…

Petty is immature people

Petty is a high school work environment….which means when everyone gossips, spreads rumors and always all up in ya business

Petty is when men and women try to ruin your relationship

Petty is when you let them Continue reading

Regret Me Not!

Like Forget me not….


I have regrets. I think we all do.

Regret is such a strong word. It’s almost like hate.

Why do we create regrets knowing it doesn’t make us feel good at all?

I regret the kind of relationship I have with my mother. But that’s not something I can fix because she isn’t willing to fix that.

We aren’t best friends like most and I don’t go to her about my life changing events/troubles.

I regret all the pain I’ve been put through from exes because I could have avoided that by being smarter back then.

I regret all the pain I caused my recent ex, it wasn’t fair to both of us to go through that.

I regret all the pain my ex caused me because I could have avoided that just as well.

As the days have gone by, I really don’t stress the small stuff. I can shrug my shoulders at almost everything.

I don’t live a carefree life just yet, but I will live it one day.

My mind is definitely carefree. I’m happy, yes. But I am not stressing about the things that don’t bother me.

I get up, go to work, see the bf and do it all over again without worries.

My biggest worry that is shoved into the back of my mind is loans. Damn education! Why did I go to a school out of town just to get slapped in the face with loans? Grrrr.

Is that a regret? No. I had fun at Iowa State University and I’ve met some pretty great people from there that I know are gonna be around for a long time. 🙂

But damn, I regret the educational system. Lol I have to pay these fools back.  Continue reading

Does Sadness Make You Sleep More??

I saw a FB post the other day that said when you are sad, you are entitled to sleeping more whereas being happy allows you to remain active.


Do you think this is true??

I can see some truth to this….

I remember many times in my previous relationship where I slept my life away!

After work, I slept, in between classes, I slept!

I was not only over working myself, but maybe the stresses of the relationship was bringing me down.

I didn’t realize it until I had a sit down with myself lol 😛

Like holy smokes that post is real!

After seeing that post, I thought briefly for 5 minutes how I did sleep all the time and I was pretty darn sad.

My friends saw and felt that I was unhappy.

Now they are throwing balloons and heart emojis at my life! Haha Not literally but you get it.

I hope?


In my current times, (ugh that made me feel old) I don’t go to bed right away. LIKE EVER!! Continue reading

Do What You Want To Do!

Lately, the more I talk to people about degrees and the more they ask me what I plan on doing with mine I am kind of glad I don’t talk about it with many people.

If you are anything like me, you not only hate when people tell you about yourself….but you also hate when they try to tell you what your major can do for you.

Are you currently trying to be where you want to be or are you stuck in the same situation as I am?

If you are working retail, don’t tell me about what my post grad should look like if you are doing the same thing as I am.

IF you have neverrrrrr been to college and held all your coins instead of spending them on college loans and such, DO NOT tell me what I could, should be doing.

The most basic yet versatile major is English.

I know some bloggers who are or was English majors so they can relate.

The questions such as:

“Do you wanna be a teacher?”

“What can you do with that?” Continue reading

It’s Graduation Time!!! :)

The expensive fees. The cap and gown shopping. In college you pick the tassel for your major.

I remember when I was jealous because I wanted the purple, but instead I had white for LAS (Liberal Arts & Studies).

After the mandatory shopping, there’s also the attire shopping. What do you wear to the event?

How about the nerves you get walking down the stage….

Hearing speeches as you try not to cry. When your name is called you feel relief as if you won’t be doing it again in a couple of years….even after the bachelor’s.

The words for flipping your tassel to the other side.

A great sense of accomplishment.

It’s definitely graduating season and it takes me back to my own.


I had fun at every single one. I cried at my university graduation simply because I couldn’t believe I did it!!

To the college grads from May…..A HUGE congrats!

One thing I liked about my high school ceremony was that we did throw our hats up once it was over. We gave the parents a good laugh.

I’ve attended every single one without a problem. While graduation may be boring and long it was exciting just sitting there.

I attended a graduation today. It’s the 10 yr old aka the Project 10 girl!! 🙂  Continue reading

Being “Good Enough”…..Does It Ever End?

So lately I have been seeing many self esteem videos and people who lack thereof and I just can’t shake this off.

It made me think about the one thing most people ask, but don’t ask the right person.

Am I good enough? Or was I good enough?

But to whom?

Right now, I’m talking about to the parents.

As a child you are just shaping who you want to be. You work your way up to “what you wanna be when you grow up” and you look up to people.

When you become a young adult, you are still exploring life as brand new changes occur.

As an adult, you become wiser as you age and look back at your childhood and it’s like looking through a magnifying glass or a crystal clear mirror.

If you’re anything like me, you had the parent that was verbally abusive. Always yelling at you for no reason!

Then again, everyone’s childhood is different. I wish I had the 2 parent household with a home I can grow up in and just be a child. One can dream right?

Sooooo you push yourself to do better, to become better! To show them that you are better than what they see or what they once were. Some never notice though.

Continue reading

Am I A Mentor? I Suppose I Am….

I never thought I would see the day that I would become a mentor before I had kids of my own.

I didn’t think I was worthy of being a mentor. Why you ask?

Simply because I didn’t think I had it in me. It sounded like a full time job that I wasn’t ready for.

I would ask myself, how can I be a mentor to someone when I don’t have my own life together?

I was about 15 when I thought about this. I saw many people with mentors around me.

I knew I wanted one….but did I want to be one? No not really.


2014! Yes last year!  It happened on it’s own! Upon my re-arrival back in NYC….Yay Home! I revisited these two beautiful little girls that I haven’t seen in about 3 years. They are sisters as well. It feels good to see them again. No they aren’t mine!

They are awesome, although I must admit sometimes they are too much to handle! Geez. Haha But seriously? What kid isn’t? Annoyance is apart of every child’s vocabulary.

I enjoy the laughs though. Kids are the cutest beings on the planet.

I guess I should mention that they are 4 and 10.

I love them to death…..for real!

I see myself as a regular human being, making it throughout my days/weeks.

One day the 10 year old started asking me questions such as “Hey Karen…When you were younger, did you have technology?” Of course I told her “no and I prefer it that way because I learned so much” Continue reading

Happy Easter!!! Spice It Up!

I don’t mean like the Spice Girls either! 😀

I remember as a child I would get excited because this was my favorite day/weekend. I couldn’t wait for the candy. I couldn’t wait to get the Sweet Tarts and Sour Patches in baskets and on its own. It was the only thing I looked forward to.

I believed in the Easter bunny until I was about 6. Then the only thing I believed in was an Easter basket. I always had the full ones too! I felt spoiled haha. Oh I can’t forget about the chocolate bunny. The milk chocolate was the best. I didn’t like Peeps though! You can have those! Lol

As a child I think all the holidays are your favorite because you did or received something exciting.

When you grow up, you start to outgrow the same things you loved. My last basket was given to me when I was like 13. I just knew that was the last one and that’s okay because I wanted to do activities. I preferred going to the movies with friends or staying at their houses as opposed to going out with my mom or just staying inside.

I did like dressing up. I am a dressy girl, I will wear a dress when the weather calls for it. As a little girl I loved the floral prints and bright pink dresses. I even had pink shoes to match. I wasn’t allowed to have purses which was fine because what would I put in it? Continue reading