Hey Baby! What’s Your Sign??

Since I just posted about seeing the moon, why not post this post about ….



I used to be a HUGE fan of horoscopes! Everything you needed to know, you could have asked me…..

I was like….. a horoscope guru haha

Keyword: Was

Now I kind of just live life normal hehe

I still believe in some parts like characteristics are true per each sign, but I don’t follow it like I used to

I had Yahoo horoscope sent to me all the time and I checked love, friendship and finance all the time

For a while I had the horoscope app on my phone.

I told you I was serious about it!

Don’t judge me!


I KNOOOOWWWW I’m not the only one! 

BTW My bday is May 22! A total Gemini!

I even based my relationships on horoscope. I checked our compatibility to see if we would make it.

I am dating a Pisces and this is one rocky road, but I read we can make it! haha

Check this out though:

I went to the Iowa State Fair in 2013 when I attended college and they had a machine that printed your horoscope.

I’ll write what it says about Gemini

All the Gemini readers can tell me if it’s true for you!

  • Gemini twins are clever and charming with a great sense of humor. 
  • They are gifted with intelligence and curiosity
  • They are open-minded & imaginative, but sometimes this air sign tries to do too much (hey! :X) 
  • The term “multi-tasking,” was probably coined by a Gemini
  • Geminis want more than one of everything, this includes: jobs, hobbies, careers, etc
  • They are ideal conversationalists because they know a little bit about everything
  • They have opinions on everything (always subject to change)
  • There is a moody side to Gemini’s disposition, but they don’t let it dominate their light-hearted spirits
  • Geminis will go to any lengths to avoid routine and monotony
  • Gemini requires a patient and understanding life mate 
  • Gloom and dullness are out of the question
  • They have enough trouble getting out of their pj’s and into the car in the morning without having to help someone else. 
  • Everyone should have at least one Gemini in their life ….Two would be too exhausting! (Hahaha it really says this!) 
  • Gemini’s are good, compassionate friends but don’t call them just to gripe or gossip

I found most of these interesting. I kept the paper for memorabilia, but now it is time to just keep a blog keepsake and get rid of the paper! Haha

I went to the fair with my best friend in Iowa and her family.

It was fun!

I tried to explore Iowa as much as I could because I knew I was not staying there.


Here are the personality traits!

  1. You are quick to see humor in the day’s happenings and events
  2. Your aim in life is to make a success of things
  3. You think it is sensible to be happy
  4. You are very romantic under the right circumstances 
  5. People never know for certain what you are going to do next 
  6. You have a tendency to magnify small problems (I do, I am working on it lol)
  7. You are self-sufficient and sincerely value your privacy (Okay!)
  8. You are an effective leader (Hmph, maybe that’s why I’ve been a supervisor at 3 jobs)
  9. You like to be by yourself now and then (very valid for me!)
  10. You prefer to have a few secrets
  11. You like having the last word and the last laugh (absolutely!)
  12. You are inventive, original & independent (tell em!) 

Lucky Day: Wednesday

Lucky Numbers: 5,9, 11, 33, 15, 9, 24, 25, 46 (I’m sure these been changed)

Color: Yellow (ugh, I prefer purple or pink)

Gemini plants: Lavender, Yarrow

Gemini Attractions: Virgo, Libra and Sagittarius (Damn, I am not with the right sign… lmao)

When I needed a reminder of my sign, I used to reread this.

Most of it is true for me, as you can see the parentheses was me adding commentary, it was not apart of the paper 

Did you believe in horoscopes? DO YOU ? Tell me your thoughts! Hello out there Geminis! 😉 

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4 thoughts on “Hey Baby! What’s Your Sign??

  1. I’m a Libra. I used to be just like that, incorporated horoscopes with my entire life. Now though, I realized that horoscopes are beyond predictions; its includes astrology as a whole: stars, moon cycles, planet and sun alignments etc. Plus, the way social media, photoshops and creates their own personal astrological predictions, it diffcult to believe in any of predictions without throughly investigating.

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