Damn! It’s Just A Co-Worker!

When is it never acceptable to talk to co workers??!!

Oooooo I love a good rant and I think I am overdue for one!

Ladies and Gentleman,

Why is it that people always feel a type of way about having co-workers as friends?

It becomes either a stereotype or some male’s way of thinking because they are insecure.

I been dating bae for 2 and a half years and we had many disagreements about being friends with co-workers.

Just because he is anti-social, does that mean I have to be???


Who died and made him GOD?

Sorry, No one.

And I ask him this all the time especially in arguments.

Because no one has the right to tell someone to do something and expect it to get done cuz they like things a certain way.


I think it’s not a big deal to be cordial with co-workers.

Hell! Sometimes you can make best friends out of co-workers!!! 

At my Barnes and Noble job, I got 2 good friends out of it! (Let alone a bf but he’s beside the point)

When you put a male co-worker and a female co-worker in the same category, it automatically goes into the stereotype of “OOOOOO they fuckin” or “Oh yeah they like each other” or “men and women can’t be friends”

Men and Women Can’t Be Friends……….

That is what it boils down too right??

Back in the beginning of the year, my bf had a conflict with me laughing and joking with my co-workers.

Females at that!!!

My last job was mostly females.

He feels that when you are at a job, you not there to make friends and I agree!


Here’s one for funzies! haha


But there is nothing wrong with socializing. You have to see these people everyday!

When you see people everyday, you eventually talk to them.

As I said, I am a social person, it’s apart of my personality.

Not my problem that his childhood causes him to be anti-social.

Love my babe tho. He got issues like the rest of them lol

But yeah It got me thinking that people in society really are shaped to look at life one way.

Not all people, but some.

What is really the problem with talking to co-workers,

let alone hanging out with them outside of work??!

When I worked at Barnes and Noble, co-workers and I went out for drinks all the time!

Social event to escape work.

Everybody does it!!


Everyday in the cafe, we had a real connection.

Our store was so awesome because not only did we know how to work as a team, but we also were communicating as friends!

Now the job after that, which I mentioned how much I hated it and wish I could take it back or have quit a long time ago.

I socialized with people, and joked and shit, but them bitches were never my friends!

Don’t get me wrong, I still talk to maybe 2 people from the job, but that’s it!!!!

Everyone else were just people to talk to while on the job.

There was even a male case worker and when I would talk to him about cases and we talked about our lives with the female case worker, my petty immature ass female co-workers assumed we were doing more  than just that!

People man!

Even when I was at Barnes and Noble, before my boyfriend and I became a thing, people assumed we were too flirty and such!

Like why can’t 2 people of the opposite sex just have a casual conversation??


I am a fan of genuine conversation regardless of it is female or male.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are people who have done waaayyy more with co-workers than they let on.

You see it in movies and on TV shows all the time!

When one significant other stays at work late or leaves for work early.

Yeah you know! 


But I for one, ain’t like that!

My bf may have been a little insecure cuz we met at work and we are now a couple, but that doesn’t mean that it becomes a pattern for every job.

That’s like if I were insecure, I’d be saying the same thing to him!

I mean come on!

Just because people meet a certain way, doesn’t mean that it is the same way for everybody!

Do celebrities meet the same way? Have the same story?

I think Not!


Oh let’s not forget if a co-worker calls OUTSIDE OF WORK!

Quick to get side eye about it.

At least a woman would…. BUT let a man get a call from a co-worker, it’s alllll good!!

These men got it all the way twisted!

If it is about work, answer the Q and bounce off the phone if it is the opposite sex.

Nothing you need to talk about after that!


Respect people’s time at home with their significant other!

I had this conflict so I know it alllll too well….

Long story short, bae had this co-worker at Barnes and Noble that called him every fuckin night at 10pm on the dot, maybe 10:30pm to talk about the cases she got (they were loss prevention) and he claimed he didn’t wanna hear it BUT was too CHICKEN to tell her otherwise so he listened….


This was at the beginning of our relationship. When he felt a way about me hanging with my gay co-worker, that is when I bought up the phone calls….

Hmph. Petty?! YES! But it was the best time!

None of my co-workers called me outside of work, not no MALE workers!

And not the females either. We only spoke at work.

Bitch could have waited til the next day to chat.

Later on I showed bae all signs she liked him and he was indenial (I’ll make that post later on, before 2018 hopefully)

But because I am ME, them calls came to a hault later on in the relationship. I’ll tell you that much! He loves me and respects me and I’m the BOSS! 😉


Hehe…..back to it!

There are more people like me, but let’s admit, most people are annoying and ignorant.

I don’t know who the 1st man or woman was in society that created a conflict for how you hang out or socialize with co-workers but this is the new age! Nothing wrong with speaking to other individuals as long as it is innocent.

So readers, Tell me! What is it you go through when it comes to co-workers? Does it affect your relationship?

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