I Wish I Were A Kid Again!

Ever sing the Toys “R” Us jingle when it came on TV?

“I don’t wanna grow up, I’m a Toys “R” Us kid”


I used to be that kid singing it as if I really could be a kid.

But now I am 26 and all I keep wanting to do is:


At life’s toughest choices. Being an adult is soooo hard! You have to take on many responsibilities such as paying your own bills and having a real job.

Then if you can’t find a job, it is even HARDER to find one.

Life’s cycle is ridiculous. 

When it’s good, and just provides me with some small issues, I’m like


Because after a while you realize you have to face life’s challenging moments  sometimes.

If I feel like I am reaching depression and are at a low, I just want to cry and rant on like:


Then I think back to the 90’s!! When I could run outside after finishing homework to play with friends. When I played with my Nintendo 64 and enjoyed it. When I laid in bed and read novels every day while waiting for dinner.

The 2000’s when I was in my teenager years and hung out with high school friends, read more, went to the library, took walks…

Moments when my mom paid the bills and I worked a part time job at 17 while going to school part time.

I miss all the free spirit moments when I didn’t have to complain about waking up for work, standing on the Starbucks line for coffee, or working at Starbucks for free and getting free drinks.

When I didn’t have to think about my future almost every second of the day.

When being that Toys “R” Us kid was valid because I couldn’t wait to run into the store and get all the Barbie dolls I wanted!

I had all these needs and wants such as graduating from college and becoming a well known author and I had this idea from about 12 years old!! I am still working on the author part, but at least I am a website author and known around the world! 🙂

The younger me told me that I would be married with kids by this age…..LOOK! No kids, no marriage…SMH What a shame.

But the me now is not rushing because the man has to be RIGHT. Not perfect, but right.

As kids we look at the future as having it all together without realizing the in-between.

Being an adult is also sorting through love and trying to find the one. As adults you get your heart broken….it was a lot easier just crying over cuts than crying over boys/men or girls/women.

I wish I could have used a pause remote so that way I could have enjoyed my childhood more (the positive parts of it only). Wouldn’t that have been fun?! 


Or at least go back in time….isn’t that everyone’s wish? Quick scientists! Make a time machine that will be successful! 😀 


How is being an adult easy for you? Tough for you? Do you wish you were still a kid? 

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12 thoughts on “I Wish I Were A Kid Again!

  1. Just enjoy the moment. I try to make the best out of everything. Yes, I do miss my childhood and my teenage years, my 20’s and my 30’s and in a couple of years I will miss my 40’s too. But I don’t miss them to the point where I’m not happy with the now. Because it is so so good too. You gain so much from all the experience and you can use it all.

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  2. I understand your feelings about the freedom you enjoyed as a kid…. but seriously: I would never ever want to go back. Yes, I could only get home from school and did my thing. But school was a pain and pressure, at home, I got under pressure because of it too. Being the oldest I had to fight for each new freedom and was pretty much controlled…. no, never want to go back!!!

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  3. At times I wish I could go back to the age of my 23-year-old no I take that back my 16-year-old. No bills, no cell phones (Lol) and problems. But it’s too late for me, I’m in my late 40’s and there’s no turning back the hand of time now.

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