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Revamp this 2017!

Omgosh you don’t even understand how happy I am to see 2017!! 

So what I’m 4 month and some weeks late. 😛


I’m sure you seen this allll over social media but it was sooooo my life!

I talked a little or a lot about certain resolutions but chose to just let 2017 go with the flow.

I am aiming for better than last yr.

2016 flew by but also took me thru all hell!!

I am proud of who I’ve because I found the growth within me.

27 is reaching upon me shortly and I can only hope I get better with age!

But seriously, I need a redo!

2017 started with such a headache, all I wanted to do was press the rewind button Continue reading

Oh No! I’m Not Listening to You!

Why is it when you single you feel the need to chime in what you think is the best advice?

But is it the BEST?

Or the best for you?

Especially when a best friend is committed to giving you the worst advice only because they may hate your bf

or they are jealous of the life you lead

or jealous of the life your bf is providing for you…..

Some best friends are emotionally invested…

and too much to the point where they may think they are your boyfriend or girlfriend unintended.


Ooooohhh but their actions say it is so. Continue reading

Who Raised You!!!

So remember that recent post about men being messy?

Hmm well how do I put this one?

From the end of March to the beginning of July, I had crashed with a friend.

She was…

nasty? ghetto? disgusting?

Maybe all 3…Let Me Explain.

I advise you read this whole story, because the disgusting part is shocking.

You know how the more you live with someone, you see how they really live?

Well I never expected what I saw from her. In the 3 months I unintentionally stayed with her because times was hard…in the last month this is what I experienced…

She was picky about the dumbest things like for example, I threw away a ketchup bottle that was EMPTY!!!!! And she was the last one to use it!

This story is so real, I have to show you what I mean. It looked like this:


NOT even joking. She made a stupid speech about if something was meaningful to me, how would I like it if she threw it away without at least  asking me. WTF!! This bottle deserved to be in the garbage!! There is nothing to save! You want to save a drop of ketchup?? AND SHE HAD ANOTHER FULL BOTTLE IN THE KITCHEN!! She acted like she was dead poor. You have a job, you can afford a new bottle.. .SMH Continue reading

Pump Your Brakes! You’re Moving Way Too Fast….

Why is it so 2015 to skip the taking it slow portion of everything?

The relationship, having sex…

2015 is almost over yet these tactics will continue in 2016.

I’ve witnessed people lack the chase of love, the thrill.

I’ve been snatched up by coincidence of a first time connection.


I thought that didn’t exist anymore.

It does. It is just harder to obtain, and if you have it then it’s harder to maintain.

No one goes on dates, serenades, give it time anymore.

I’m a HUGE fan of dates so if you think we’d be together and not go on dates even after the first year, you’re wrong.

On my new journey with my new bf I’ve been on more dates than I can count and that includes before we were serious….

Nothing is going to change really.

This isn’t about me though lol

But it is my blog 😛

Taking it slow in a relationship doesn’t have to be boring.

Take each other on dates, even if it’s small.
Spend time together be it playing games or cuddling. Continue reading