How Can You Think in a Generation of Social Media!?

It is hard growing up in a fast advancing generation when you grew up in a world that was slow. I’m talking about the childhood where you went outside and socialized with your so called friends.

I remember when I was in my early years, I was always outside. I learned how to ride a bike, how to roller skate, how to play tag, Red light-green light-one two three, Red Rover, and many more fun games.

As I moved to a new neighborhood by the age of 13, I met new friends. I played the same games but I also learned to just sit on the stoop and get to know these “friends” a little better.

As girls, we would play double dutch.

As one of the boys, we sit and chill on the stoop and talk about nothing.

I was a tomboy. I never really hung out with girls.

I dressed like one of course (a girl that is), but just didn’t really like hanging with girls.

Girls are the shadiest of all.

But anywho….

Yeah I had a cellphone at the age of 13. But I only texted one friend.

When I started High School, I became more in tune with myself. I learned a few things about myself along the way. I learned how to make more friends.

I learned how to separate my school friends from my around my hood friends.

They never clashed.

I had an AOL account. I used AIM, Myspace, and Sconex.

AIM was cool because I got to talk to friends instantly….helloooo instant message!

Myspace was dope because you can change your profile background, add a music playlist to your page, have a “Top 5” or “Top 10” friends list and force friends to add you to it :D. You met new and fun people….(unless some were dangerous)

I met one of my ex bf’s on Myspace….A long time ago! Lol OKay so it was 9 years ago.

Sconex was the 1st hookup/new friends jumpoff for people. You find profiles, like them and send messages. I was young, wanted to have the latest things. I didn’t really meet no one on it though.

Even though I had the opportunity to text, I didn’t really text!! I wasn’t absorbed in my flip phone. I was more focused on being outside with friends or being on instant message with my HS friends. My mom only called me when needed.

This the phone I had… had to be PINK! My favorite color back then before purple:


I remember rushing after school to go to the mall with my friends for a bit before having to dig my face in homework.

I remember eating at Mc Donald’s or Wendy’s by the High school with friends.


In the Y2K years….

This generation is all messed up!


  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr
  • Texting 
  • Sexting 
  • KIK
  • SnapChat 
  • WhatsApp

Anywhere you look, you will see someone on their phone.

Hell! As I am writing this post, my bf is on Facebook…on what?? His phone!!

SMH. My point exactly! lol

When you walk down the street, people are on their phones. (Some for Pokemon Go)

It used to be where you had a phone, but it was only for phone calls, now everyone uses the multitasking devices for many many things.

It is even HARD to date!! Because your 1st date will be ruined by the person being on the phone.

It creates awkward silence.

Less conversations by voice and more by words on a screen.

It has gotten to the point where men or women send breakups over text or email! Because some people aren’t confrontational.

At least before phones, they just walked away….left the relationship up in the air without telling you its over….unless they actually told you in your face!

I am an old fashioned romantic….put the phones away and focus on each other….especially at a dinner table!

If I want to save energy in an argument, I can just type how I feel using caps right?

With mistakes along the way because my brain would be fuming.

Social Media these days have been used for shaming, blaming, subs at friends/family/spouse, bullying, harassment and more.

Real quick for the newbies….A sub is when you write something indirectly without tagging a person or mentioning their name. It can have malicious intent to hurt feelings, or it can be to point out their flaws, embarrass them, etc.

I am guilty of subbing people as I am innocent of being subbed.

Facebook wasn’t created for people to do these things. It mainly was a way for people to connect with those they thought they could no longer connect with.

More and more people get injured from walking and texting in the street….

(For example…)


And texting and driving…which lead to don’t text and drive campaigns…


(Remember that can happen to YOU!)

And laying down and the phone hits your head…


I know that happened to me before! 

How about you? Aye! Stop lying! 

Nowadays if you aren’t watching TV or playing console video games, this is you….


And when you burn up your battery….

phone dies

What Generation did you grow up in? (I am a 90’s baby for those that didn’t know and those that forgot)

How long are you on your phone?? 

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15 thoughts on “How Can You Think in a Generation of Social Media!?

  1. I was born in 1970. So we were already happy when we had wireless phones at home in the 80’s and could have our secret talks in our bedrooms. So I am still amazed at the technological progress. The internet made it’s really big way when I was around 25. So, I am from the generation where we sent letters and “talked” on phones. And if we wanted to take pictures we needed a camera and send the film in for getting it developed… no deleting. A picture that was taken was taken…. That way you chose cautiously before you took it because it was money! I am thankful for the progress but I think people need to learn not to make themselves a slave of it… which happens easily!

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  2. Hmm, just say my oldest son is around your age. He a 90s baby as well. As I grew up we only had public telephone booths provided by Southern Bell (Oops, telling my age). Lol.

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