Come on Barbie Let’s Go Party!!!

I have another thrilling post for you gals! Sorry boys, this one may not be for you :P. (Or maybe it is?)

The blonde haired, blue eyed figure. 

She came as an athlete, a mother, a sister, a well known driver, pilot, doctor, dentist, hair stylist, housewife, replica of celebrities or collectibles and more if you will….

She was slim.

She was tall. 

She had curly hair, straight hair, long hair, thin hair. 

She had pink lips. 

She had the best fashion.

She ensured happiness to all little girls. 

Never letting them down. 

Inspired girls to want to look like her. 

Hell, adults had surgery to look like her and her boyfriend.

Ahh the boyfriend. Strong, chiseled. Light skin like she.

Blues eyes as she. Either fuzzy brown hair or blonde.

That’s right gals! I am talking about Barbie and Ken!!!!

Mostly Barbie in this post though!


*Ahem* Sorry childhood moment.

I miss my Barbies. I used to play with her all the time. Every weekend before I had any real friends, you could find me home creating stories for Barbies.

Maybe that is where my niche for writing came from. Hmmm….

My older brother even played with me.

It was fun.

I would make them go to college, high school, junior high…it varied upon age. I had a Volkswagen too…I really wanted that! Nothing else mattered for Christmas that day but that car for my dolls. Ahh, I miss it. 

Don’t you remember when they only cost $15 to $20?! Not $50 to $60!! That’s why I had sooo many! She was affordable. In 1960 she was only about $5. The jealousy! Lol

By 2000, she dumped Ken. Did the dolls teach girls to rely on a man? Perhaps it did if Barbie wasn’t single for a long time.  

I had all sorts of Barbies, Skipper, Theresa, Ken, Stacey, Kelly, and Tommy.

 I created a wife and husband with kids story, infidelity, break ups to make ups and more. 

Geez my imagination was solid at ages 5 to 13. 

If only children these days were like me, they might be different. 


Today’s Barbie is …..

Nicki Minaj


Ok well not anymore….she calmed down on her Barbie theme years ago but she WAS the new generation human like Barbie of the 2000’s.

I prefer the real Nicki Minaj anyway.

So many women across the globe strived to be a Barbie

One model  Valeria Lukyanova has become Human Barbie and  Justin Jedlica is the Human Ken….Did you know??

On the inspiring side of it all, one lady I saw on my show The Real back during season 1, has created a new form of Barbie

Stacey McBride created multi-cultural dolls! I love them! I want some when I can afford to show them off in a wonderful home. One that finally looks like me!! No more structured dolls only. Ugh I am in love. I need one of her Barbie dolls like right now!

Each doll has a story. ❤ How lovely! Not only that but they are of many races, shapes and sizes! I love the plus sized, the thick dolls…it shows reality!

Her brand is “Prettie Girl Dolls” Check out her dolls for the everyday woman and child here:

She was also interviewed on “Mommy Factor” below:

For more information about these awesome dolls check out this fabulous site!

I just think these dolls make the perfect Christmas or Birthday gift! What do you think?? 

How many Barbie dolls did you have?? How long did you play with yours? What was your fairytale stories? Does your children (if any) have them? When you do have children, will you allow them to play with Barbie

Of course I am not going to leave you without something fun! 

Check out this throwback video! 


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15 thoughts on “Come on Barbie Let’s Go Party!!!

  1. Sorry, I can’t relate with Barbie I had dolls like Betsey Wetsey and my favorite was an African American bride doll with the original wedding dress (don’t remember her name and her dress is torn a little mind you) but I still have her until this day.

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    • Oh ok, I know some people haven’t experienced Barbie, but they have their own memories…. I just googled it because I never heard of the doll, but Thanks for your comment! 🙂 She is an interesting doll. I had a doll baby just like her but called something different. Nothing wrong with keeping your memories. I have other things I keep :).

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  2. I loved my Barbie dolls! I don’t remember how long I played with them but for sure I was about 10 or 11. My daughter loved them too and had a lot of “equipment” like castles and stuff. It was a wonderful toy to play with. I loved Ken and Jim (I guess that was his name) too!

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  3. I had a pink Barbie case to transport my dolls when I went to play at a friends house. It actually saved me one time.
    It had snowed and I tried to cut across a yard to my friends house and ended up in a ditch, over my head in snow, I was 6 or 7. I threw that pink Barbie case up over my head and waved it back and forth till my Dad came and pulled me out. Barbie was my hero that day.

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