What’s In Your Purse?? No I Asked You First!

So I was on the train last night on my way home and I was tired. So tired that I tried to find things to keep me awake. Other than my music going, I was being a little of a people watcher. I saw cool sneakers and boots I considered getting one day, cute couples and nice hats. Things people usually look at on the train and even on the bus right?

It was a longgg train ride, it was the weekend (clearly) and I was travelling from Manhattan back to Brooklyn on the 4 train. Geez! I was tired, hungry and my feet were hurting.

People watching was my only distraction up until I got to my stop.

One thing caught my attention. This woman’s purse. Yes this post is inspired by another purse. Not mine! Haha

It’s my purse-ception! (Get it? lol) Anywho….

She was with her boyfriend and I watched (in a non creepy way) how he applied eye drops to his eyes. She then gave him a tissue for the tears that followed after lol. Had me looking like:

My initial question was “she carries eye drops in her purse?” The answer was obvious! It led me to ask “What’s in your purse?”

Ya see, every woman’s purse is different. WE all may flow the same…. meaning we all need a big purse for the essentials, but it is not the same accessories in one’s bag. A man sees a big purse and immediately sighs then asks “Do you really need that?”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked that question.

A woman should always be prepared!

So I ask the audience today, “What’s in your purse?”

Here, I’ll share what’s usually in mine.

 I carry: my wallet with my personal items in it, my keys, pack of tissue, blistex, lip gloss, female items, hand sanitzer, lotion, a novel just in case I finish the latest one on my kindle, a pen and notepad, my phone, headphones, phone charger and a bottle of water.

What needs to be IN my purse:

Cash (Don’t carry it too often)

Breath mints

Eye drops (very good idea for allergies)

Travel flat iron

Comb or brush (surprisingly I always forget)


Aspirin (I did once but ran out, silly me!)

A snack

A nail file/nail clippers

Band-aids (AM I the only one always getting paper cuts?)


Small travel perfume

*on occasions* Extra pair of shoes

I will NOT have in there: make-up (because I don’t wear any), or a vibrator (unnecessary!)

I will be making some purse adjustments this year so it can be filled with everything that it needs! Haha 😛

If your purse is VERY full, I commend you! Seriously, I am one forgetful person! And I have a ton of bags that I change quite often when going out.

Share what’s in yours and it can be our little secret? That’s sort of what it feels like!

6 thoughts on “What’s In Your Purse?? No I Asked You First!

  1. Staples: Wallet, Carmex, at least 5 different lip glosses, gum, pens, house keys, eye drops, bottle opener, Rx, postcards (promo for my book), blotting papers, lotion, Tide to Go pen for minor stains. I don’t like big purses. A purse big enough to carry just that snuggly is all I need.

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    • Nice things :). The Tide pen is a good idea, why didn’t I think of that? haha. I also have small bags but I only use them when I am making quick errands.


  2. Male Perspective: I used to be one of those guys who always questioned the need for Women to have such big purses……until my wife and I (gf & bf at the time) first moved to together. To me, I just couldn’t understand the necessity for all that stuff when we were just going to the store, or out for a simple walk; but as my mother always said you never know when you’ll need something until you need it. Long story short, it came a time where I needed something from her (my wife’s) purse that just to happened to be a lifesaver at the time, and from that moment on I never questioned the assembly process of a woman’s purse again. Fun Fact: Top 5 purse essentials from my own survey of female friends & family:
    1. Mother Nature’s Backup
    2. Tissue or Wipes
    3. Emergence Mini Umbrella
    4. A Pen/Paper
    5. Extra Panties/T-Shirt

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