It’s 2015…..It’s Time To Act Your Age!

Immaturity. We’ve seen it, heard it and we don’t like it.

There comes a certain age when you should just know that you are too old to be acting in a way that’s childish, child-like, immature. Whatever you call it, you know how to identify it.

For example, playing tit for tat doesn’t show maturity. It shows people can’t speak on their actions so they choose to copy and paste the same action of the partner or friend.

I’m guilty! I have done this once or twice but I owned up to it because we all make mistakes! Taking responsibility for your actions shows you have grown up!

Some children younger than 9 act just as immature. That usually depends on parenting. Parents act immature too. They drop all their baggage on their children as if they know what their past was like. Innocent children do nothing wrong. Even when that child has grown up, it is still the responsibility of the parent to not blame them for their own faults.

One of my pet peeves is when an adult acts like a teenager. If you have long graduated college, it’s time to stop acting like a frat guy or a sorority girl. What I mean by this is you shouldn’t jumping on beds or streaking. Also you should maintain your alcohol limit because no one wants to see you act a fool when you can’t handle it!

Once you pass preteen years, the words “I know you are, but what am I?” shouldn’t be said.

It’s almost as annoying as:

Remember as kids closing your ears and saying lalalala just to avoid what is being said? It doesn’t help because you can still hear. I am grateful that less and less people tell the next person to shut up as well! That’s an act of rudeness.

Society also needs to learn how to be more like themselves. The grass is always going to be greener on the other side, but do they water it like you do yours? Don’t believe in the hype. Focus on you!

The best maturity is knowing how to be yourself. Know how to be as much as how to act.

Relationships definitely show immaturity full fledged. Behaviors are peaked because one is always trying to “one up” the other. Some people in relationships at the age of 25, still act like they are teenagers in relationships.

We all experienced immature relationships.It’s easy to point out the faults in someone that you seen in someone of the past. Time to fix that boo-boo! How to do so is communication or if you’re bold, just break up.

I can’t tell you how many times I am sick of seeing the Facebook and Twitter rants about a relationship that is up and down like a crazy roller coaster. Act Right! If you are in love, then deal with the bad as you do the good. Don’t degrade them on social media. After a while you become tired. Tired as in old, weak, boring… Nobody wants to give empathy or sympathy towards you as a couple because you flip flop on how you feel about your significant other.

Also as men and women trying to be better as people, one thing I will say is Please let’s end the need for attention on Social Media. You know you are pretty/attractive/gorgeous, yet you continue to ask for attention of your  friends and family members. The mirror can be your best friend when you need a lift.

I see most of my friends do this too much and it makes me sad. Men show off their new clothes for what? To make people jealous? Or to attract girls that compliment them everyday?

I know most women do it more than men because of what society calls Daddy issues. Another issue is the failed relationships. It makes women want the attention of men to say she’s beautiful.

 Sorry but…..


If that’s not you or someone you know then, you have seen this! When you want to take a selfie with friends and they have what I will call “Picture-tude.” Yes I just made that up! Haha

All it takes is a comb and brush! Just be upfront with how you feel instead of fronting immature responses because you don’t appreciate what’s around you.

It’s 2015! Make the change you always worry about and you will be much happier.

I promise!

There are many things people do that’s immature, but that would take more than a blog! Lol What are your experiences/pet peeves?

4 thoughts on “It’s 2015…..It’s Time To Act Your Age!

  1. Dear Ms. Shade,

    I enjoyed your use of the topic of Immaturity; shining a light on a few of the ways in which it is used in today’s world, kind of opens the reader up to different views. Maturity is a skill that often takes time (years) to develop, and those who succeed at it, can be seen from a mile away; well others remain constant. Much like your writing, as you continue on, your mature writing style seems to continue to bleed through your pen, with every challenging topic, sensitive subject, and personal/emotion basis; through it all you remain professional and mature, and for that I salute you. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well Thank you so much Ty! I think in a generalized way so that everyone feels and relates to it in some way. Some people don’t age until after 30! But it’s all in the mind. I appreciate it! 🙂 It took a while to find the pen, I lost it a few times haha…Read on, friend!


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