Where’s Your Confidence? Is It Behind You?

I will admit, I couldn’t figure out what topic to choose this week.

This is not a rant, it is to send a message while remaining humble.

Confidence is something everyone can relate too. The world faces it daily. As a woman, I can say it’s been a battle for quite a long time.

At times, many of us like to put up a front when we have a lot of things going on.

I know I do. It is a habit I’ve grown and learned to master to hide my inner feelings so no one asks what’s wrong. I’ve done this a lot with confidence.

I was a shy girl growing up and it was seen by everyone that I met. For some reason, I let the way people look get the best of me. Ugh like duh girl! No one is the same! But I had to earn that and cherish that as I grew up. Nobody had to encourage me. I figured it out the hard way.

Ya see, society makes it easy to feel some type of way about yourself. There are many models, handsome/sexy/beautiful people that exist and Hollywood makes it known.

It is the job of the parent to convince their child and prove to them that they are everything and more. Confidence comes from within. When that parent isn’t doing their job, the child has to find their way.

Where’s my confidence? It’s in my heart, in my mind and in my……..SMILE! 

I smile when the times get tough (after I shed some tears).

I smile when I don’t want to remember all the troubles I’ve been through.

I smile to hide all the pain that is shoved in a very bad past file in head.

I smile because of all that I’ve accomplished by now.

I smile because it is pretty.

I smile because I am pretty.

It took a while to get to this point, but I am glad it came when it did.

Sometimes it takes a little self complimenting to boost one’s confidence. I used to sit in the mirror and try to tell myself all these things like I am pretty, smart, wonderful….but never felt it because of my environment. By the age of 19, I started to believe in those exact words because I had and have GREAT friends that support me and I learned to appreciate myself.

We all laugh to hide the pain, as well as smile to pretend like nothing else matters when the mind is racing a mile a minute.

*Hugs to us all*

Sometimes it’s just good to “Fake it ’til u make it!”

What can go wrong? Only you know how you feel unless you share it with someone.

I see many children that walk around and don’t feel so confident, whether it’s because of their hair, their clothes or the way they talk. Children speak…especially in school, so if a friend says something about them, it damages their little souls. It breaks my heart!

Like this video below. I almost cried!

Kuddos to the campaign and I hope there will be more!

Boost your self esteem!

Confidence should be positive and not negative. So if it’s behind you, it’s time to put it in front of you!

If it’s a job, school, life, family….no matter what express yourself.

A lack in confidence also lowers your aspirations. Never let anyone or anything change your aspirations! I know I am still well on my way and I just keep my confidence leveled so I can be patient.

This quote really inspired me and it’s not only because it came from someone I admire but because English Grads struggle to get where they want to be and I am not the only one. It pushes me and forces me to keep trying because not only do I struggle but so does every other college grad and adults as well.

Smile at yourself, walk with life and say…..

A.K.A. You’re more than beautiful! 😉

To all the little girls still finding their place in the world and to alllll the girls/ladies:

3 thoughts on “Where’s Your Confidence? Is It Behind You?

  1. Uooo! Ms. Shade! Look at you … expressing yourself while teaching others to love themselves. NICE!!! 🙂 You’re really doing an amazing job with these stories you tell, and I hope you continue to share and continue to learn and grow. I’m confident you’ll go far.

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