Sorry!….Wait No I’m Not!!

No. Really. I’m not. Sometimes I get sick of apologizing. 😛 I did nothing wrong half the time! But I won’t apologize for this post!

As humans, we always have the tendency to say sorry. We apologize for just about everything.

“Sorry”….I stepped on your toe; didn’t hold the door open; I didn’t ask you about your day; I bumped into you, etc….

I feel like women are always the ones who are sorry the most. We let our guards down and don’t like to have the guilty feeling anymore sooooo we say “I’m Sorry.”

As women we should only use the word when we really feel bad and actually mean it. Don’t be like the Mean Girls!

It’s especially worst in relationships. If you’re anything like me, you hate being mad at your spouse. Neither one of you can go to bed mad. So as the loving woman you are, you apologize so that you two can sleep peacefully.

Then there are some PEOPLE I will say, that don’t apologize enough. Why is it so hard to just say sorry. No ego is crashed in that sense! You were wrong, they were right. It’s 5 letters, and there shouldn’t be a problem saying it after all the words you did say.

I know some men where it’s not even in their vocabulary. They are always right, not matter what. I don’t get it. Maybe it’s their egos.I don’t know! Those who only say sorry just to get the woman to shut up-> You are rude!

There is also the “I’m sorry I cheated” and “sorry I lied” lines too. These go hand in hand sometimes. The worst is “I’m sorry I hurt you” and hearing it over and over again. Whether it’s from the same man/woman, that is the most annoying line ever!

Can you really apologize for something you are obviously aware of the outcome? Yes! But if I can tell you are not real with me then….


But then I know those who do apologize and I think it is the sweetest thing. It’s not harmful or bad to say sorry. Hence, a woman shouldn’t have to remind you that you should be sorry for something you know you did. Not being bias, but it can go the reverse way too.

Everyone makes excuses. Some people lie so good that they believe their own lies. That’s a definite when sleeping with someone else. There are many excuses that society has created where using sorry becomes a custom for anything.


Now, I do apologize when it’s necessary. When I went to school out-of-town, I was “under the influence” of always saying sorry. Everyone at Iowa State says sorry.(P.S. – a little memoir will appear maybe next month).  It would go like this: “Sorry I didn’t get your text message” or “Sorry I overslept” or “sorry I’m not coming to your party.” Whatever it was, the word was always being said. Now that I am back home, I still say it just not as often as I did in IA.

Being born and raised in Brooklyn, NY (Holla!) I hardly ever said sorry unless it was to friends and family. It’s a ruthless, gutless city in which most people are hard on the streets just because we dislike strangers. I’m not a mean person so when people bumped into me I used to think:


At the university I didn’t realize I was saying it quite often until I really analyzed it while hanging out with my friends. I found myself saying it allll the time, mainly because my friends said it allll the time. It’s weird because in IA, people did apologize for bumping into you. It’s a shocking, refreshing difference from NY.

I’m not even sorry about the amount of friends I have left. I went from a circle of friends to only a square. Even though, apologizes still exist in this square. Friends fight all the time, especially when there are misunderstandings.

I am happy with the closest friends I can count on just 5 fingers. I don’t need more than that! I was sick of the fake friends and the excuses but mainly:


Haha! That’s enough ranting about the word tho! Don’tcha think? 😉

“Sorry” is such a strong word and is often taken advantage off. Some people abuse the word just to get what they want, while others actually use it to keep harmony within the atmosphere of the home/relationship.

Sorry is just as equal as saying “I Love You,” you shouldn’t say it if you don’t mean it.

However, next time you say it ask yourself “Did I mean it?” and if you didn’t then I suggest you take it back and explain why you’re not actually sorry after all. Also if someone says it to you, ask yourself “Was it necessary? Did they actually have to say it?” Save everyone from the b.s.

Sorry if I struck a nerve with this post…


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