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Sorry!….Wait No I’m Not!!

No. Really. I’m not. Sometimes I get sick of apologizing. 😛 I did nothing wrong half the time! But I won’t apologize for this post!

As humans, we always have the tendency to say sorry. We apologize for just about everything.

“Sorry”….I stepped on your toe; didn’t hold the door open; I didn’t ask you about your day; I bumped into you, etc….

I feel like women are always the ones who are sorry the most. We let our guards down and don’t like to have the guilty feeling anymore sooooo we say “I’m Sorry.”

As women we should only use the word when we really feel bad and actually mean it. Don’t be like the Mean Girls!

It’s especially worst in relationships. If you’re anything like me, you hate being mad at your spouse. Neither one of you can go to bed mad. So as the loving woman you are, you apologize so that you two can sleep peacefully.

Then there are some PEOPLE I will say, that don’t apologize enough. Why is it so hard to just say sorry. No ego is crashed in that sense! You were wrong, they were right. It’s 5 letters, and there shouldn’t be a problem saying it after all the words you did say.

I know some men where it’s not even in their vocabulary. They are always right, not matter what. I don’t get it. Maybe it’s their egos.I don’t know! Those who only say sorry just to get the woman to shut up-> You are rude!

There is also the “I’m sorry I cheated” and “sorry I lied” lines too. These go hand in hand sometimes. The worst is “I’m sorry I hurt you” and hearing it over and over again. Whether it’s from the same man/woman, that is the most annoying line ever!

Can you really apologize for something you are obviously aware of the outcome? Yes! But if I can tell you are not real with me then….

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