Don’t Judge Me!!……I’m Only Human…

Why do you look at me that way? Is it something I said?


It’s society. It throws everything at everybody and expects the most viral expectations.

I’m talking about LOOKS.

The what you looking at “looks”

The she got the job because she’s hot “looks”

The he got a nose job because he thought the original was ugly “looks”

Anything that’s possible that makes you wonder is it because of how you LOOK!

A person too shallow loves to focus on “looks” #NoShade

Celebrities make you want to stop eating greasy food and start a healthy regime because they display their bodies as if it were a masterpiece. You head to the gym with the goal to look like Amber Rose or Tyra Banks.

It dates so far back that it could have started anywhere. As our generation develops, I would like to think it started as kids.

Some of us have been bullied (I am one of them, happened like 2 times) and it occurs because a person is nerdy or too quiet. To say one is “nerdy” is to base it off of the way they dress differently from you or they wear glasses.

#NoBullying guys and girls.

Society shows us that if you are not sexy, hot, pretty, etc then you can’t make it in the world.

Kuddos to the successful people out there changing the world like Chantelle Brown-Young aka Winnie Harlow. She is currently a model, mentor and more under Desigual designer label.


Everyone knows I LOVEEEEEE her! And if you didn’t, now you know! Google her if you wanna know more about her!

Jobs have the most controversial aspect when it comes to looks. A woman will get hired based on her smile and if her cleavage is out. A man has a chance if the interviewer is a woman, otherwise he competes with a woman if it is a man.

It shouldn’t matter if one is different from the other because we all need to make money!

With that, there are job applications. How do people sound good on paper? How do you weave out resumes based on what you read?

How does what I write make me any better than somebody else? And vice versa.

Why do you turn around when you see that your blind date isn’t what you expected? Why not just be honest with them and make a new friend?

We are raised in a world of hypocrisy.

A Twitter Follower of mine posted this the other day and it got me thinking, wow that’s a good question! (Yes we have the same 1st name but not the same last name! haha)

Karen McQuestion‏  is her name and she writes:

“I wonder if people were happier with their looks back before we had perfect TV and movie people making us all look bad by comparison? @KarenMcQuestion”

She told me she was talking about Marilyn Monroe era.

Found this amazing quote!

marilyn monroe

What do you think?

While we are speaking of movies……..

DUFF is in theaters and even that is about Looks! “Designated Ugly Fat Friend” (with the potential not to be fat, just an ugly friend) What is that? Of course I posted the link for you!

Just remember: You are beautiful. Even if no one tells you that often or if people make you feel a type of way. It doesn’t matter how your body is different, or if your limbs are different. Personality is the true key and don’t let it get lost.

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