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Ooouuuuu Sex Toys!!

Cover your eyes youngins, this post is not for you.

Matter fact, just skip over this post….

I have a PG-13 post coming after this one (stay tuned :))

Sooooo my friends, you know I hold no bars, lay it all on the table

I am Shady and blunt….

My blog is my sanctuary to be ME.

Now! SEX TOYS!!!

Your eyes are reading right.

I am talking about blow up dolls, vagina insert toy for men, dildos, vibrators, etc.

Kinky stuff huh?

Okkk sooooo here is the tea!


So tell me, my adults….what is wrong with a woman having a sex toy?

Men use their hands alllll the time and some even have blow up dolls.

Women can’t satisfy themselves just cause? It always gotta be about the man?

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Sorry!….Wait No I’m Not!!

No. Really. I’m not. Sometimes I get sick of apologizing. 😛 I did nothing wrong half the time! But I won’t apologize for this post!

As humans, we always have the tendency to say sorry. We apologize for just about everything.

“Sorry”….I stepped on your toe; didn’t hold the door open; I didn’t ask you about your day; I bumped into you, etc….

I feel like women are always the ones who are sorry the most. We let our guards down and don’t like to have the guilty feeling anymore sooooo we say “I’m Sorry.”

As women we should only use the word when we really feel bad and actually mean it. Don’t be like the Mean Girls!

It’s especially worst in relationships. If you’re anything like me, you hate being mad at your spouse. Neither one of you can go to bed mad. So as the loving woman you are, you apologize so that you two can sleep peacefully.

Then there are some PEOPLE I will say, that don’t apologize enough. Why is it so hard to just say sorry. No ego is crashed in that sense! You were wrong, they were right. It’s 5 letters, and there shouldn’t be a problem saying it after all the words you did say.

I know some men where it’s not even in their vocabulary. They are always right, not matter what. I don’t get it. Maybe it’s their egos.I don’t know! Those who only say sorry just to get the woman to shut up-> You are rude!

There is also the “I’m sorry I cheated” and “sorry I lied” lines too. These go hand in hand sometimes. The worst is “I’m sorry I hurt you” and hearing it over and over again. Whether it’s from the same man/woman, that is the most annoying line ever!

Can you really apologize for something you are obviously aware of the outcome? Yes! But if I can tell you are not real with me then….

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Double Standards…Why do we have them?

We’ve all experienced it, at any age. It’s frustrating and annoying.

You find yourself having this battle with just about anyone of the opposite sex.

A man does it with a woman and a woman does it with a man.

No matter what is being said a man feels like he is always right…..maybe a man coined the term double standard too? Since they like living it so much!

Lol seriously though. I can’t even begin to tell you the many times I’ve been in arguments such as

Man: She slept with the homie, she’s a hoe, slut, thot, etc

Me: And guys do it too! They are thots and sluts too.

Man: Chill that’s not the same thing. We don’t get called those names…or we do it different

……I could continue but you get the point. Men don’t get called the names they created for women because they want to be dominant but GUYS LISTEN UP! You are those names too if you proceed with the same actions. #JustSaying

I DON’T understand how most people can be one sided on certain situations. If it hurts you to be called a name, then don’t call anyone else it! Simple!

Double Standards come in many shapes, styles and forms.

In relationships, there should be no need because the two of you become one. However, it cannot be stopped unless society stops it altogether so it continues! It shouldn’t happen at all!

Here’s a tip!


For example, SEX numbers…lalala everyone’s favorite discussion. It is debated on social media, on TV shows like Guy Code, amongst friends, etc

In relationships only you two can decide whether or not you care about how many people the other slept with! It’s your boyfriend/girlfriend. Don’t try to add numbers by 2 or 12 because not every woman lies like that and neither does guys.

Does it really matter? You sleep with them anyway!

Next……Dating sites.

If you create one and you’re single, then cool.

If you create one and you’re working things out with someone or you are considering it, well then how do you think you look? How can he/she take you seriously when you are doing the opposite!

Then he/she gets an online dating site too and you catch a ‘tude about it?


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