Does Sadness Make You Sleep More??

I saw a FB post the other day that said when you are sad, you are entitled to sleeping more whereas being happy allows you to remain active.


Do you think this is true??

I can see some truth to this….

I remember many times in my previous relationship where I slept my life away!

After work, I slept, in between classes, I slept!

I was not only over working myself, but maybe the stresses of the relationship was bringing me down.

I didn’t realize it until I had a sit down with myself lol 😛

Like holy smokes that post is real!

After seeing that post, I thought briefly for 5 minutes how I did sleep all the time and I was pretty darn sad.

My friends saw and felt that I was unhappy.

Now they are throwing balloons and heart emojis at my life! Haha Not literally but you get it.

I hope?


In my current times, (ugh that made me feel old) I don’t go to bed right away. LIKE EVER!!

I am always out and about or just up on the phone with the new wonderful guy! 🙂

I am happier than I have been in a long time.

I don’t complain about my lack of sleep or how many hours I get now like I did before.


It is kind of interesting.

My energy has been revived as it was dead before.

Of course new things = new ways of living

That fb post really got to me.

I am no doctor so I can’t go into the specifics on how it works but just know it happened. lol I think the pheromones in one’s body has something to do with that as well. Especially the love pheromones. 😉

Here let me show you exactly what it said.

*searches internet**Here it goes*

There! If you find yourself in a relationship and sleeping way more than you did before, I think I just helped you out! Haha

You know the saying that it is easier to tell a stranger your problems because they give you a fresh opinions than your friends or family?

Well this post was like that to me. It spoke to me and woke up a light in my head. I ignored the signs until it was pieced together for me.

Such is life.

In what other ways does sadness change you? Now that this is out there, has it become true for you??

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11 thoughts on “Does Sadness Make You Sleep More??

  1. Good thoughts! I was aware that people who were depressed tended to sleep more, but never really thought that it was that significant! I suppose that so-called “happy people,” while more likely to require less sleep because they’re out and about doing activities. If that’s the case, however, there also needs to be a balance between just right and too much activity: too much contributes to sleep deprivation, which ends up making one sleep more anyway. Or, it can lead to depression, since one becomes overwhelmed, and then one sleeps more. So I’m not quite sure if happy people necessarily sleep less, but perhaps it’s a productivity thing. Just a few of my thoughts!

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  2. I experience exactly the same. Our energy is not only depending on several hours of sleep but more about the quality we spend our awake hours and what we fill our mind and heart with. That can energize us so much.

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  3. Good post. I’ve been sleeping way too much. I’m tired when I wake up. I made a decision this weekend and talked about it with my husband. He was really supportive. I popped awake this morning refreshed, and ready to go.
    There must be something to it.
    Have a great week!

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    • Thank you. Aww girl, I know the feeling. I am glad you spoke to your husband and found the solution to the problem. See it does work 🙂
      Have a great week too!


  4. Hey sis! When I was going through depression I ate and slept a lot, and it was all that made me feel better for the time. I also wrote poetry, cried and prayed etc…but sleep was def something that was hitting hard because I always felt so drained. I actually need to ccatch up on sleep now and I am on a diff journey but maaaan do I love to sleep though! #okaythatwasrandom 😉

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    • Hiiiii sis! Aww I hear you for real. I am glad you kept it together by writing poetry and praying definitely. We all cope differently. Giirrrllllll I loveeeee sleep!!! 😀

      P.S. Sorry about the late response…I been doing things and sleeping and working haha

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