DUFF Book/Movie Review!

Okay guys, So I’ve done a full on book Review but today is Movie and book review day!

Now as you guys know, DUFF is Designated Ugly Fat Friend.

(If you didn’t, you’re welcome *In my Sadie from Awkward voice* haha)

When I first saw the coming attraction to the movie, I thought hey this looks interesting!

BTW I know I am sooooo late! But my ex didn’t want to see the movie with me and I didn’t have anyone else to go with me sooooo I never saw it until now…..

But anyway….

Then I found out there was a book coming out so I said, “Oh you know I gotta read the book” to no one but my bookworm self of course!

I read the book first….been read it. In like June, I did.

The book is sooooo much better!!

Isn’t it that way with all books turned movies?

The book is always going to explain more because there’s not enough time and space in the movie budget to add all the specifics.

But damn! They could have tried harder on the movie!

Idk what I expected when i decided to finally make the time to watch the movie on Tuesday but it definitely skipped over the good parts.

Sorry if it’s a spoiler alert!


For example…..

Wes and Bianca have grown to like each other by constantly seeing each other at this lounge or whatever. Yes they were childhood neighbors too like in the movie tho.

They didn’t have to show the consistency in it, but they could have shown how B’s friends keep pulling her to this spot, that she only drinks Coke or something from and sit and watch her friends have fun.

Glamorize the affection they show in the movie!

It just looked like a movie that was on its way to expressing a hook up.

Was that the point?

B is the DUFF but she makes it positive by the end of the movie and book.

She likes someone that she didn’t realized liked her friends until she went to his house for a date. Fucked up right?

Wes admitted to himself his real feelings for B and decided to get tje girl at Homecoming dance. They then became official.

Perhaps even from the beginning you can tell these two were going to hook up. The movie makes it obvious.

Actresses: I love me some Bella Thorne since Shake it Up (Don’t judge me, i like Disney Channel ok) buuttttt

She CANNOT play a mean girl. Hollywood, please rethink that.

It sounds so fake. Megan Fox plays a mean girl better than that! Come on.

Bella needs work in that area. Just saying!

The girls that played Jess, Cass and Bianca could have all been better looking. Altho in B’s case it was okay since she is supposed to be the DUFF but her 2 friends didn’t look no different if everyone labelling her a DUFF.

Just saying!

Actors: Toby: If it were me, I’d want Toby to be hotter. He was so average in the movie. Why is she gawking over a plain old boy? Huh?

Could have casted many white boys worth the trip.

But it’s all good. He survived because she didn’t get with him anyway.

Wes….I thought he would appear more attractive too but he is a familiar face from other movies and he’s cute so he passed

The book made Toby sound cuter than the person they casted to play him. Whyyyy?

In a nutshell, READ the book, but DO NOT waste your time on the movie.

It wasn’t even cute! Ugh

I don’t know how true having a DUFF is in real life because I have never experienced it. Never been one, never had them around me and I never seen someone else go through it. 

Do you have a Duff? Been one? Seen one? 

Actually what do you THINK about the word DUFF? (I think it is stupid. I am glad society doesn’t use it!)

Have you seen the movie? What was your opinion? Or Have you read the book?

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