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Does Sadness Make You Sleep More??

I saw a FB post the other day that said when you are sad, you are entitled to sleeping more whereas being happy allows you to remain active.


Do you think this is true??

I can see some truth to this….

I remember many times in my previous relationship where I slept my life away!

After work, I slept, in between classes, I slept!

I was not only over working myself, but maybe the stresses of the relationship was bringing me down.

I didn’t realize it until I had a sit down with myself lol 😛

Like holy smokes that post is real!

After seeing that post, I thought briefly for 5 minutes how I did sleep all the time and I was pretty darn sad.

My friends saw and felt that I was unhappy.

Now they are throwing balloons and heart emojis at my life! Haha Not literally but you get it.

I hope?


In my current times, (ugh that made me feel old) I don’t go to bed right away. LIKE EVER!! Continue reading