What do you do when Writer’s Block is a pain??

You deal with it! That’s what! Take some time away from it, and come back to it or sit and ponder until the thoughts flow.

It’s a very stressful moment….

Writer’s block seems so nerve wrecking and frustrating. I’ve always dealt with it in school and just put the pen/pencil down as if I could be creative again later on in the day. I used to take a break and read a novel in hopes that when it came to that High School essay, I was prepared to defeat it with no problem.

But High School is different from college…..

Especially a University with more than one assignment due at the same damn time!

On a daily basis I was going insaneeee over assignments! The essays + creative assignments just threw me for a loop! I couldn’t deal! I know, you’re probably like whateverrrr but try 3 essays and 2 creative writing assignments due back to back, or day after day one class period after the next.

It’s your junior year of college and you have soooo much on your mind! Catch my drift? It’s a heavy load that you have to tackle one font letter at a time.

There was nothing worse than having that good ol writer’s block for an assignment and it’s due the next day!! :O Those type of assignments had me livid and I was drinking coffee as if it was water!

If you are an aspiring author like me, you can really understand what it is like to understand your next role for a character but not have a clue as to where to start! It’s your story and you still draw blanks! You’re just like “OMG why?” The logic is beyond me.

Writer’s block feels like a hugeee blank is drawn in your head and you can’t grasp why it even exists! It occurs at any given moment and all you can do is just try to recover. I don’t know about you, but it definitely gives me a headache all the time.

Could it be the fact that I’ve been writing since I was about 10 years old? 😉 I don’t know, I’m not a scientist so if you know anyone, send them my way for the answer!

Almost any student has experienced it. Have you stayed up several times and wondered why you have writer’s block so much? Is it because you’re exhausted and need more sleep? Or are you just burnt out from all the homework?

Yeah I’ve done that a lot! My major required nothing but writing and yet and sometimes I couldn’t write a thing.

You have edited that essay one time too many and you are done! That creative story just won’t work out the way you thought in your head and that professor had to be the douche to correct it? Lol

Whatever it is, it is almost as close as getting a headache….except there is no pain. But you have experienced it your whole life on many many MANY random occasions and you just want it gone!

I wish I had the solution because then I could share it with you, buuuttt I don’t!

To think I want to go back to school for my master’s too. I am NOT ready for the writer’s block cycle to happen all over again. However, I love to write and I would prefer the essays over exams any day!

I just thought I’d point out how annoying writer’s block can be….I mean why does it happen to every student? Is there something going on with our brains? Geez! Haha

Perhaps we should eat ice cream! Nothing cures the stress from writer’s block better!


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