What Is Going On With These Dating Sites?!!!

So I know I recently mentioned the double standard of the usage for dating sites. This time is different. I have experienced something I think you’ll get a kick out of.

I recently joined OK Cupid to prove a point to a friend. On OK Cupid, the more questions you answer, the better matches you will get. If you hardly answer any, does that mean you won’t find your perfect match? It’s a strange thing to consider, but true nonetheless. I don’t have time to play guessing games with a website! One tip, I neverrrrr give out my real name on the site! It’s not something I do. For what? So you can creep on me? You good!

It’s one of those situations where they don’t see what you mean until you show them what you mean.

So it’s no doubt that I am attractive. NO I’m not conceited, I just learned to appreciate that I am pretty to some degree.

I’m a Girl, I’m a Woman, so yes I have insecurities too! It took A LONG time to tell myself that I am pretty but back to this….. 😛

I came across some negative inbox messages that I just rolled my eyes to and didn’t respond to. To others, I also laughed depending on what was being said.

Now don’t get me wrong, before I shut this down with the negativity of the site, there were some nice guys on there that have messaged me respectfully, I just don’t respond to all of them.

It amazes me how there are all these men on the site and not one thinks to be a gentlemen to get the woman they want in their life or even the casual sex! Sometimes it’s best to be NICE and HONEST at the same time!

When you come off too ignorant or too rude, a woman doesn’t want to respond to that. Men, you must have some male figures in your life that can educate you on the thoughts of women! OR Watch Guy Code every Weds at 11:30PM! 😀

I don’t know about all women, as I can only speak for myself and the female friends I do have, but I know that if you come off as a prude when you greeting a woman, chances are you WILL NOT get what you expect.

To interest you in a few of the ridiculous messages I’ve received, I’ll share the top 4 because everyone else was blocked. These are my most recent posts.

Oh yeah, I only had the site up for ONE week now.

Example #1: This came in last week….

CYMERA_20150206_160849 I read this message like Dude Gross! Do something with yourself! He cannot and will not EVER have me! What was his thought process when he sent this message? I don’t get it. He was blocked instantly, without hesitation. I just can’t!

Example #2: This was just this past Thurs!


This one just made my skin crawl for many reasons. What possessed this dude to assume that I would go with him on a private jet like I know him????? This opener for women is NOT the wave homeboy! I just shook my head at his one because it was very aggravating to see this. I know I look 15, but I’m not and I don’t act like it!

Just because someone answers a travel question, it doesn’t give you the right to say I should go with you. I don’t know you from a can of paint or a hole in the wall. That is the KEY to Kidnapping, abandonment in another state and straight up “tom foolery” if any guy believes a woman will says yes! Women out there, Please don’t be dumb!! As far as this guy goes, He was immediately blocked!


Two more examples….hang on tight!

Example #3: Now I had a brief and I do mean BRIEF conversation with this one. As he appeared to be a nice guy.


I told him that I babysit for a temporary living. Right? This was a getting to know each other conversation. He chose to ask this! STALKER ALERT!!! STALKERRRR ALERRRTTT!! 911! RUN GIRL! Those were my thoughts when I saw this message. I ended it right where he left it. Sorry Charlie, you chose the wrong one. My tidbit info about myself wasn’t for you to ask me alllll that. Whyyyy did he ask me this? Does anyone have an answer? Because I definitely don’t! It’s one thing to ask where I live because I can say Brooklynnnnn! But WHO I live with? Are you my father? Nope! Case dismissed!

This last one has to be my favorite reminder of why I steer clear of those Bronx boys! I have great friends from there, but to date anyone from there? Nope. For my friends that don’t live in NYC, let me just say that in my opinion the BX is not for me. The guys are wayyy more rude to me than those in any other borough. I’m not only basing it on this one message but I’ve encountered a couple guys in person just like him!

Peep this! Example #4: is the most recent as it happened today.

CYMERA_20150206_144121 It’s sad because he was a fine looking specimen too! I can look, but I will NOT touch! SMH! (Shaking my head, for those who don’t know). This is as far as the conversation has gotten because I just don’t give out my info like that. He just came straight out with it! Like damn bro!

This goes back to my double standards post, and I should have added how men approach women. This was straight disrespectful. I would rather he have asked for it politely and after getting to know me as opposed to just asking for it because he’s on his way to work. You want my Facebook to look at more of my pictures and you want my number for what? Because you think I am going to text and call you enough to then give you some play? You’re wrong homie! Take that casual sex business somewhere else.

I just laugh at the BS!

These messages be having me like


Trust and believe that my profile shall not be up there for long! To the men who believe chivalry isn’t dead, Thank you! 🙂

Ladies, Know the difference between a man and a boy!

Tell me folks, is it like this on Match, Black People Meet, Christian Mingles, POF, etc?

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