Played Him Twice Character Profiles

Brian Calloway turns 34 in Played Him Twice

He has [3] brothers and they are family men, married with kids. They all want him to be apart of the life, leave the bachelor life in the past. They are all close knit, hang out when their lives aren’t so hectic, they’ll fly state to state. 

When Brian isn’t working or working out, he usually sits home and has a drink or 2. He may occasionally read a book, and watch sports. 

He has BDE (Big Dick Energy). You can tell by how the ladies can’t stay away from him ðŸ˜‰.

Brian was never into settling down as all his exes just weren’t the one. So when his father passed away, he put all his focus into getting his degree in Business and opening Ace’s Clothing Store in LA. He recently opened a new store in NYC. 

In NYC, he’s all work, no play. Brian stays fit by making the gym a priority. He runs into a fine, entrepreneur woman, which puts him back into the casual sex atmosphere. 

As Brian’s getting older, he wants a wife and kids. Focusing on the grand opening of his NYC location puts the woman of his dreams right in front of him after he walks through strifes of store conflict and getting caught between the sisters.

See if Brian has a happy ending in the telling of his story! 

This is one Love Triangle you don’t want to miss! Coming soon! July 21 ðŸ˜‰


Cherry is 28 and is a yoga instructor. She hosts small classes at the gym then workout daily. Her main goal in her career is to expand into her own studio. 

She’s vibrant, fun, playful and into the DTF dynamic. She’s only dated one man and left him over differences. 

In Played Him Twice, She’s one of Brian’s play things. She lives in the same hotel as him and happily shows up when he calls. Eventually she will find her own place as well, this is a temporary stay while she gets her life in order. 

Cherry loves to eat, drink, party and hang with her sissy Cassie. They been close knit since kids. Their mother and father made sure they looked after each other always. Cherry and Cassandra has a younger brother, Randall. He’s briefly mentioned but he will be more featured in book 2. (Yes a sequel is being written!!) 

Follow her spicy journey with Brian in the book coming July 21, 2022! 


Cassandra is 32 years old. Coming in as the oldest, she feels it’s her priority to look after her siblings. Cherry is her best friend. How many girls are lucky to have a sister?!

 Cassie is the opposite of Cherry. While she don’t mind partying often and having some drinks, she be on the hustle. As stated in the novel, she loves to read books and her bigger goals is to become a family woman. 

Cassie has dated in the past, but she don’t have sex with just anyone. However, she’s gave for receiving some Head! ðŸ˜‰

Cassie has 2 jobs, working at the AMC theater and working in the bar as a hot bartender. 

How does she meet Brian? He purposely stops by the movie theater to watch a movie! Brian works hard to get to know her (and Cherry). Cassie doesn’t give it so easily, so how does she stick around? 

 That’s all y’all get. Haha 


She’s a key member in Brian’s rendezvous. Not only sexually, but she helped him find a condo that’s right for him as well!

She’s been in real estate since right out of college. She’s family oriented and adores her parents so much. She has an older brother, Mason. 

When she isn’t working, she’s soaking in the tub, watching Netflix. She also enjoys a Girls Night Out! She’s optimistic and an all around girl, enthusiastic as she is enjoying life. 

Stacy loves long walks as apart of her workout, she always dreamed about meeting her husband on a hike trail. For now tho, she’s single and ready to get it on for fun 😊.

Stacy’s character devlops not only in Played Him Twice, but also in the sequel. ðŸ˜‰


Joe is a Brian’s partner. LA business partners and now NY partners. He has his degree in Business management. 

Joe is blunt, chill, a hustler and a husband to Melissa. He’s very loyal in his marriage and wants the same for Brian. You can see how he loves Melissa as she is a no mess, no stress woman herself. 

He’s the one Brian trusts when it comes to relationship advice. Joe always carried that wisdom spirit ever since he was a child. He learned his own lessons along the way especially being married. 

When Joe isn’t working, he’s drinking, watching movies, and hanging with his family. 

Brian enjoys beating Brian in NBA, Pacman & Mario. They just don’t let games be their overall focus. 


Melissa is Joe’s wife and soon business affiliate. She proves to Brian that she’s able to run the NY office while he is in LA. It took her a while to get there. 

With Joe’s trust and her marketing degree, it came with lots of experience and proof in sales. 

Melissa loves to work, and in her free time she enjoys her pajamas, wine and reality shows. Her homegirls are her venting space when she’s not working. 

She wants the best for Brian too. He’s already successful, he just needs a good woman by his side. 


***Book debuts July 21, 2022!

If you got this far, THANK YOU! Let me know what you think in the comments! Hopefully you guys/gals will read it!

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